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Tapentadol Brand Name- Understanding Nucynta, Palexia, And Aspadol Tablets

Tapentadol Brand Name- Understanding Nucynta, Palexia, And Aspadol Tablets


The brand names of Tapentadol are Palexia, Nucynta, and Aspadol, which are formulated with the same active compound but differ in their names based on their manufacturing company. 

Aspadol 100 mg is the most affordable Tapentadol brand, whereas Nucynta is the most commonly available brand of Tapentadol in the USA. In comparison, Palexia is more widely available in European countries.



Tapentadol is a centrally-acting opioid pain medication that works on both acute and chronic pain. The dual mechanism of action of Tapentadol differentiates it from other analgesics, making it a much more potent option. 

Manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies, they are available under various brand names, such as Nucynta, Palexia, and Aspadol. It is also known as the Tapentadol Hydrochloride Orange pill due to its distinctive colour of the tablet. People who are aware of Tapentadol often begin to scratch their heads when they are prescribed Aspadol, Palexia, and Nucynta tablets. So, this blog takes a look into the different brand names of Tapentadol and helps you evaluate the best brand for you. 


Aspadol Tablets

Aspadol, manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd., is a common brand name for Tapentadol. Established in 1995, Signature Pharmaceutical, headquartered in India, is an expert in developing quality medicine with high-quality standards. 



Aspadol 100 Mg By Signature Pharmaceuticals



The Aspadol tablets come in a blister pack of 10 tablets per strip. It is a round tablet and is sunset yellow in color. 

Warning by the manufacturer- To be sold on the prescription of registered medical practitioners only. 



Buying Aspadol in the USA is a much more affordable option to manage moderate to severe body pain due to its low-cost production in India while maintaining the efficacy and potency of the drug. According to the website pharmaoffer, the cost of production in India is 60% cheaper than in the U.S. and 50% cheaper than in Europe. 


Nucynta Tablets

Collegium Pharmaceutical manufactures and distributes Nucynta tablets, which are the most common Tapentadol brand available in the USA. It is available in the strengths of 50 mg, 75mg, and 100 mg, which is the most commonly prescribed Tapentadol dosage. 

The cost of Nucynta 100mg, however, is much higher than the other brand drugs of Tapentadol.  



Disclaimer by Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. 

Approval date: November 20, 2008

Caution: Federal law prohibits the transfer of this drug to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed. 





Palexia Tablets

The Palexia pills are manufactured by Grünenthal Ltd, a leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in Germany (United Kingdom). It is not very commonly available in local pharmacies in the USA and is often ordered online. 

Palexia is a film-coated tablet that is formulated with 116.48 mg of Tapentadol Hydrochloride along with 49.48 mg of lactose. This Tapentadol brand drug can be identified by its pink round-shaped film-coated tablet that has a 9 mm diameter and is marked with the Grunenthal logo on one side and "H8" on the other side of the pill. 


Available Formulation

All Tapentadol brand drugs, including Palexia, Aspadol, and Nucynta, are available as Immediate Release (IR)  tablets and Extended Release (ER) or Sustained Release (SR) Tablets. 

The Immediate-Release tablets of Tapentadol were approved by the FDA on November 20, 2008, for treating moderate to severe acute pain. The IR tablets provide pain relief for 5 to 6 hours. 

In comparison, the SR or ER tablets have a slow-release, sustained formulation that offers a round-the-clock analgesic effect for an extended period. It is advisable for severe chronic pain and has 12 hours of action time. Its medical use was approved in 2009 by the FDA as a Schedule II controlled substance. 

In the UK, the Palexia SR tablets are available in boxes of 28 and 56 tablets and are packed in blisters. 


Is Tapentadol Available As A Generic?

No, currently, there is no generic Tapentadol available in the United States.

Generic medicines are often available after the patent on the brand drug expires. The generic tablets are manufactured under the drug's chemical name and marketed after meeting the same FDA quality and effectiveness standards as the original.

Nucynta's patent expiration date is June 27, 2025.

So, generic Tapentadol tablets may be available on the market after June 2025.


Aspadol And Nucynta- Brand-Specific Benefits And Efficacy

There are not many differences in the effectiveness and potency of these Tapentadol brand drugs as they are formulated with the same active ingredient. However, a few factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing the right brand of tapentadol are listed below.







Aspadol, Nucynta, and Palexia are formulated with Tapenatdol and thus show similar efficacy and potency.

Onset of Action 

Thirty minutes from the time of intake.


It is the most affordable Tapentadol brand in the USA.

It is more commonly available in the United States.

A more preferable choice in European countries.


$2.7 per pill at Healthnaturo.

$15.89 per pill ($1,588.79 for 100 tablets).


The annual cost of treatment for patients receiving Palexia 50 mg is £323.96, whereas that for 250 mg of Tapentadol is £1619.15 [1].


Aspadol tablets are not commonly available in the local market and can be commonly bought online.

A higher cost than other brands drugs of Tapentadol.

It is not commonly available in local pharmacies. However, its availability online in the USA is much less than that of Aspadol.

Duration of Action

The duration of the analgesic effect of Aspadol, Nucynta, and Palexia IR tablets is 6 hours, whereas the ER or SR formulation tablets act for 12 hours.


Patient Experience And Testimonials With Different Brands

The user rating of Nucynta IR on the website Drugs is 6.2 out of 10, whereas that of Nucynta ER is 7.2 [2, 3]. 


Nucynta ER Rating on the website Drugs


User Rating

Body pain


Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy



Meanwhile, on the website WebMD, the Nucynta ER has a user rating of 3.4 out of 5, with a 3.5 rating for effectiveness, 4.5 for ease of use, and 2.5 for satisfaction [4].

In a discussion on the social platform Quora, a user named Gangadharan Nair stated that the use of Aspadol works by changing the way the brain and the nervous system respond to pain. He also talks about the benefits of managing neuropathic pain with Tapentadol in diabetic patients [5].

 No specific reviews are available online for Palexia as a brand drug. However, the overall review for Tapentadol Hydrochloride on the website Drugs is 6.2 out of 10, with 52% of users reporting a positive experience and 29% reporting a negative experience [6].


Our Final Thoughts On The Tapentadol Brand Names

Tapentadol is an opioid analgesic available under various brand names, including Palexia, Aspadol, and Nucynta. However, it is further available other brand names apart from the ones mentioned here.

The brand name of a drug is given by the company that manufactures and markets it and thus differs from each other. Meanwhile, the generic name of the tablet is based on its active compound.

 Choosing the right Tapentadol brand drug for you-

  • If you are on a budget, it is advisable to get Aspadol tablets for managing body pain. However, it is essential to note that it is not widely available in the local pharmacies in the USA, so the best option is to get it through online pharmacies.

  • Nucynta, on the other hand, is more commonly available in the USA; however, it is much more expensive than Aspadol.

  • Palexia is a brand drug that is manufactured by Grünenthal Pharmaceuticals and is mostly available in the UK. One of the major drawbacks of Palexia is that it is not commonly available in the USA or online.


Yes, Palexia is the brand name of Tapentadol and is formulated with Tapentadol Hydrochloride as the active compound.

The brand names of Tapentadol 100 mg include Nucynta, Palexia, and Aspadol. It is also available as Tapal and Etadol in a few places.

Generic Tapentadol tablets will be available in the market after the patent for its brand drug expires in June 2025. 

No, Palexia is an opioid pain medication that is prescribed for treating moderate to severe acute and chronic pain. Its use as an antidepressant is not approved, and thus, it is not recommended by doctors


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