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Soma Working Mechanism & dosage

Soma Working Mechanism & dosage

Soma is an effective muscle relaxer developed during the 50s. However, the drug got approval from the FDA in 1959 and has been on the market since then. But the FDA withdrew the license in 2012 because the Soma dosage (Carisoprodol) risks abuse. It is now listed as a schedule IV drug by DEA as the Soma mechanism of action has a potential abuse risk [1].

It is an effective painkiller that helps us get relief from body pain. It is best for treating acute injury pain. Take this pain medication with rest and physical therapies to enhance its efficacy. Along with treating body pain, these pills have various benefits.

  • This pain medication has Aspirin that can effectively treat the inflammation that comes with pain.

  • The Soma provides relief from pain within 30 minutes.

Soma pill helps us in getting adequate relief from pain. Don’t let pain slow down the speed of your life.  However, knowing the Soma mechanism of action and Soma dosage information is essential before administering this pain medication. This informative blog will help to provide detailed insight about them. 


Working Mechanism




Soma is a combination of Carisoprodol dose 350 mg and Aspirin 325 mg, which is an anti-inflammatory [2]. After taking the Soma dosage, it metabolizes into meprobamate in the liver. Thus pain medication has its effects on the human body.[3]

Body pain is nothing but a sensation that we feel when it reaches the brain through the nerves. A painkiller cannot cure body pain but can help us get temporary relief. An anesthetic works by stopping the pain sensation from reaching the brain. Soma dosage works in the same way. It is a musculoskeletal pain medication that works in the central nervous system. Carisoprodol changes the patterns of perceiving pain so that the pain sensation cannot reach the brain. 

Duration of the muscle relaxer in the system

How long Soma stays in the user’s system differs for each user. Usually, the muscle relaxer lasts in the system for an average of 11 hours. After the user stops taking it, the metabolite of the Carisoprodol dose remains in the system for up to 4 hours. When you do a standard drug test, it cannot detect the medication. It is detectable only when you do specific drug tests for it. In some tests, Soma dosage is detectable for up to one hour. Here we are discussing how long Soma stays in our system.

  • In blood, Soma persists for around 24 hours.

  • This pain medication is detectable in the urine for several days.

  • This drug is detectable in hair for up to a month.

Soma dosage information




Properly taking the medicine dosage is essential to get its pain-relieving benefits. One can take a Soma dose of 350 to 500 mg 2 to 3 times daily to get adequate pain relief. This painkiller one should not use for more than three weeks continuously. When you miss a dose, do take it as soon as possible. But do not take two Soma pills at once. You can take it with or without having your food. We are discussing the answers related to Soma dosage, which are as follows;


Concerns about pill splitting

One should take the Soma by taking the advice of a doctor. It is unsafe to take the Soma dosage by breaking or crushing it. You can take a lower Carisoprodol dose if you want a mild effect. Do not share this pain medication with anyone. 


Age and health restrictions

The Soma mechanism of action shows it is not advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people whose age is less than 18 and more than 65 years. Soma muscle relaxer is not suitable for porphyria patients also. To know for whom Soma is not safe, best to take it under medical observation.

Reviews on Soma pill

Here we are discussing some Soma user reviews published in WebMD. Those are as follows;

  • According to some users, taking the Soma dosage has been very effective. People struggling with back spasms buy Soma according to the prescription and get efficient results. These users also got relief from tension headaches and found it non-addictive.

  • Another user has been using it for 20 years and found it very effective. When the other muscle relaxers could not offer pain-relieving effects, Soma worked for them.

  • One Soma user found it the only muscle relaxant that worked. They reported seeing Soma as a blessing and restarted their active lifestyle.

  • Arthritis is a health condition that is associated with pain. The correct Soma dosage can be an efficient solution for arthritis pain. It is a well-tolerated treatment of leg cramps associated with neurologic, vascular, or arthritic diseases that can make elderly patients chronically ill. Thus the clinical efficacy of the Soma shows its effectiveness in treating arthritis pain.


Soma (Carisoprodol) is a muscle relaxer that helps to provide relief from acute pain. Detailed knowledge about the mechanism of action and information on dosage is requisite to help avoid repercussions. Especially for non-prescription users, being conscious of these particulars can help them evade drug interaction and abuse possibilities.


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