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Alternative Carisoprodol Brand Names: What You Must Know?

Alternative Carisoprodol Brand Names: What You Must Know?


Carisoprodol is available under numerous brand medicines that showcase similar effectiveness, benefits, and health risks as its generic. Based on the manufacturer, some commonly used Carisoprodol brands are Vandoma, Somacid, Carisoma, and soma pills. 

The Carisoprodol (Soma) 350 mg is further named based on the imprint on the pill assigned by their manufacturing company. Some alternative names for Soma 350 mg are V 2410 pill, Dan 5513 pill, Soma pill 111, SG 109 pill, CL 022 pill, and OP 35 pill. 



Carisoprodol is a centrally-acting muscle relaxer that helps manage short-term acute pain in people. It is available in numerous brand names in the market with comparatively similar effectiveness and potency. It can be overwhelming and difficult for most people to choose the right brand. This detailed guide explores some of the popular Carisoprodol brands with a few popular alternative names for Carisoprodol (Soma) 350 mg to help you get the best possible pain relief. 


Carisoprodol Brand Name: An Overview Of The Muscle Relaxer’s Alternatives 

Some of the Carisoprodol brand names available in the market are Soma pill, Vanadom, Prosoma, Pain O Soma, and Watson Soma. These brand drugs are formulated with Carisoprodol as the active compound and help relieve pain within 30 minutes. 

Vanadom -

The use of Vanadom is discontinued in the USA but is available in other mentioned brand names [1]. It is manufactured by Oxford Pharmaceuticals and is available online and offline pharmacies [2]. 

Soma pill -

The Soma pill is available under two strengths of 350 mg and 500mg. Similar to Carisoprodol, the Soma pill helps with skeletomuscular body pain. It is available in the USA and is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals. 



It is crucial to note that the generic Soma pill is unavailable in the market. If you wish to buy a Soma pill, you will have to buy the brand names of the soma pill, such as Watson Soma or Pain O Soma [3]. 


Healthnaturo retails genuine and affordable Carisoprodol brand medicines. You can order Soma 350 mg and Soma 500 mg at a click of a button. 



  • Pain O Soma- Manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals, the Pain O Soma pill is an alternative or a brand name for the Soma pill. It is a prescription drug and cannot be bought over the counter without a prescription.

  • Prosoma- Prosoma helps manage pain from muscle tension, rigidity, spasm, and stiffness. Manufactured by Wellona Pharma, it is an effective Carisoprodol (Soma) brand. 

  • Watson Soma- The Watson Soma pill is formulated with two active compounds Carisoprodol and Aspirin, making it an effective solution for acute musculoskeletal pain. It was previously manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals, now known by Actavis. 



Watson Soma pill is no longer available in the market and has been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

It is, however, essential to address and discuss the medication as numerous people are still looking forward to getting Warson Soma, unaware of its discontinuation. 



Somacid -

Carisoprodol is called Somacid in Mexico [4]. Available in 250mg and 350 mg, it is not obtainable in other parts of the world. 

Some other Carisoprodol brands worth mentioning are Aciprodol by Allied Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Carisol by Jocund India, and Carisoma by Wallace Pharmaceuticals [5]. 

These Carisoprodol brands are formulated with the same active compound, thus showcasing similar effectiveness, potency, and health risks. However, since different pharmaceutical companies manufacture these brand versions, they may vary in price. 


Generic Carisoprodol Vs Brand Names: What's The Difference?

One question that may arise in most people's minds is the difference between generic and brand medicines. 

Carisoprodol is a generic drug and is named based on its active compound. Whereas the brand drugs are named by their manufacturing pharmaceutical companies. Generic medicines and brand medicines are similar in the following ways-

  • Dosage 

  • Quality of the medication

  • Route of administration

  • Strength


Common Alternative Names For Carisoprodol (Soma) 350 Mg

Each Soma pill has a unique imprint code on the medication or tablet that the pharmaceutical manufacturing company determines. It is primarily done to identify and have a distinct differentiation between the different tablets of the Carisoprodol brand names. Some notable alternative names of Soma 350 mg based on their imprint codes are listed below. 

Soma Pill 111


The Soma pill 111, or the O 111 pill, is a Carisoprodol (Soma) 350 mg pill. It is imprinted with "O" on one side and "111" on the other. It is a white round tablet that is not available without a prescription. The Soma pill 111 is manufactured by Oxford Pharmaceuticals [6]. 


SG 109 Pill


The SG 109 Round White Pill is also identified as a Carisoprodol 350 mg. It is manufactured by ScieGen Pharmaceuticals and is printed with SG 109 on one side of the tablet [7]. 


Cl 022 Pill


Cl 022 White Pill (Soma 350 mg) is manufactured by Rising Pharmaceuticals. It is a round white pill that is 5 mm in size. It has an imprint of CL 022 on one side of the pill and is plain on the other [8].


OP 35 Pill


The OP 35 pill is a Carisoprodol brand medicine available in the strength of 350 mg. It is a white round prescription drug with "OP 35" imprinted on one side of the pill. It is manufactured by Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals and can be taken three to four times daily [9]. 


Pills 5513


Watson Pharmaceuticals manufactures the Dan 5513 round white pills. It is imprinted with “Dan” on one side and “5513” on the other. It is 12 mm in size and belongs to the drug class skeletal muscle relaxants [10]. 


446 Pill Soma


The 446 pill, also identified as Carisoprodol (Soma) 350 mg, is a muscle relaxant. It is white in color and round in shape. It is 12 mm in size with "446" imprinted on one side of the pill [11]. 


2410 V Round White Pill


The 2410 V white round pill is a Carisoprodol 350 mg tablet manufactured by Vintage Pharmaceuticals. It has a "2410 v" imprint on one side of the pill [12]. 


A common question that Physicians often come across is, Is Baclofen Like Soma? Even though Soma pill and Baclofen are muscle relaxers, Baclofen differs from Carisoprodol. 

Potential Side Effects And Precautionary Measure Of Carisoprodol And Its Alternatives

Carisoprodol and its brand medicines' notable health risks and precautionary measures are similar. Carisoprodol is known to have a lower risk of adverse effects; however, it may result in causing the following symptoms in users-

  • Dizziness

  • Drowsiness

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Palpitation or increase in heartbeat

  • Sedation

  • Rash or allergic reaction

  • Agitation

  • Blurry vision

  • Euphoria

The use of the muscle relaxer is contraindicated under the following conditions-

  • People with heart, kidney, and liver disorders.

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers. 

  • People above the age of 65 years.

  • Children of patients below 17 years. 

  • Individuals with a history of abuse and addiction. 


Switching Between Carisoprodol Brand: Consult A Physician

A few factors responsible for people switching between Carisoprodol brands include the following-

  • Availability- Since numerous pharmaceutical companies manufacture Carisoprodol brand medications, their availability in the market may vary. Brands like Somacids are prevalent in Mexico and are not widely available in other parts of the world. Thus, depending on the availability of the drug, people may switch between different Carisoprodol (Soma) brands. 

  • Price- The cost of Carisoprodol based on their brand names may vary. This is because they are all manufactured differently. Most people may switch to more affordable options of Soma pills. The cost of Soma 350 mg (Pain O Soma) at Health Naturo is $ 0.75, and Soma 500 mg price is $ 0.74. 

  • Effectiveness- Even though all Carisoprodol brand medications are formulated with the same active compound, some may find one brand version works better.

  • Side effects- The severity of the side effects and tolerance level may vary between different Carisoprodol brands. Thus, most people may choose the brand drug which is best suited to them and lowers the risk of experiencing any side effects. 

When switching between the different Carisoprodol brands, it is essential to consult a doctor due to the following factors-

  • The inactive compounds may vary in the formulation of the brand medicines.

  • Soma pill (Carisoprodol) can be habit-forming if not administered correctly.

  • It can cause unexpected side effects.

  • Drug interaction with other ongoing medications.


Conclusion: Switching Between Carisoprodol Brands With Confidence

Staying informed about Carisoprodol brands will help you determine the right one. Be it Carisoprodol brand medicines or the Soma pill alternative names based on the imprints; these muscle relaxers are formulated with the same active compounds making their effectiveness and potency very similar. 

Beginners are advised to take Soma 350 mg, which may also be identified as 2410 v Pill, Dan 5513 pill, Soma pill 111, SG 109 pill, etc. Such people may increase or change their dose depending on their health condition and the severity of the pain. 

Before switching between the Carisoprodol brand or making any changes to your dosage or strength, it is advised to consult a doctor.


The 2410 V pill is a carisoprodol 350 mg tablet that relieves short-term acute pain. It works within 30 minutes and helps with skeletal muscular body pain.

The 446 Soma pill is a Carisoprodol muscle relaxer that helps manage acute pain. It is a centrally-acting analgesic and works within 30 minutes of intake.

Carisoprodol is the generic name of the Soma pill, meaning they are both the same. Soma pill contains Carisoprodol as the active compound and has a similar working mechanism and potency.

The white pill Dan 5513 is a Carisoprodol 350 mg muscle relaxer that works centrally to block the pain sensation between the nerves and the brain. It is very effective in treating short-term acute pain.

The CL 022 is a white round pill containing 350 mg of Carisoprodol. It has a "CL 022" imprint on one side of the oral tablet.

The Soma pill 111 treats skeletomuscular body pain within 30 minutes of intake. It can be taken orally and works for 5 to 6 hours.

Yes, SG 109 pill is formulated with Carisoprodol 350 mg and acts as a muscle relaxant. It works in 30 minutes and is prescribed for treating body pain from muscle spasms, tension, cuts, and injury.


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