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Soma abuse: Assessment of its symptoms and addiction treatment

Soma abuse: Assessment of its symptoms and addiction treatment

The prevalence of Soma abuse has been under scrutiny for many years. Soma is the brand name of Carisoprodol and prescription medication for treating acute pain. Its high tolerability and efficacy make it a popular choice for its non-prescription usage. However, such users often use the muscle relaxer for recreational purposes. So far, there have been very few, if any, cases of severe side effects from the usage of Carisoprodol. Popular among the masses as a safe pain medication, Carisoprodol, is bought both from pharmacies and online stores. Carisoprodol abuse is more prevalent among users who buy Soma without a prescription.

To date, there is not enough information depicting the Soma abuse potency and the long-term side effects of the muscle relaxer. Thus, this blog focuses on determining the Soma abuse potency, signs, and addiction treatment in users.

Soma abuse potential


soma abuse


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classifies Carisoprodol as a schedule IV prescription drug, suggesting it has a lower risk of abuse. But the chances of occurrence of Soma abuse are not absent. A report by the DEA states that the Soma abuse has significantly increased in the USA and has become one f the most commonly abused prescription drug. Studies show that Carisoprodol is a popular alternative for people addicted to opioid pain medications. Based on data from a Nationwide survey on drug use and health published in 2018, approximately 6.4 million people aged 12 or older misused prescription analgesics, including the Soma pill. Another study by the American Association of poison control center reports a total of 2925 Soma abuse cases in the year 2016. 

Like all other medications, the effects of the muscle relaxer depend on the mode of administration and use. However, using the muscle relaxer is safe and effective when taken as directed by the physician. 

Short-term effects of Soma abuse

The side effects of soma abuse depend on numerous factors. The key characteristic that can contribute to the side effects caused by recreational use of the muscle relaxer is-

  • The strength of the medication.

  • The number of doses taken.

  • The period of Soma abuse. 

  • Other medical health conditions. 

  • The administration and conjugation of other substances. 

The short-term effects of Soma abuse include the following symptoms- 

  • Euphoria in users. 

  • Sedation.

  • Drowsiness. 

  • Sleep disturbance.

  • Impaired coordination.

  • Irritability. 

  • Issues with memory and judgment. 

  • Depression.

Long-term effects of Soma abuse 

The potency is low, but it can cause serious health issues in long-term use. The longer people take the muscle relaxer, the higher is their chances of experiencing addiction and withdrawal symptoms. The long-term side effects of Soma abuse include changes in the person's mood in addiction, causing suicidal thoughts. Such users also show a decline in their performance at work and strained relationships with their friends and family. These long-term side effects of Soma abuse also affect the person's physical health of the person thus causing respiratory problems, organ damage, and seizures. Such users also have a higher chance of developing tolerance to the muscle relaxer, thus showing minimal intended effect. 

Signs and symptoms of Soma abuse 


soma dosage

It is crucial to identify the Soma abuse's potential and symptoms to take the proper measures to improve the condition. The best way to reduce the risk of Soma abuse and addiction is to take the muscle relaxer under the supervision of a physician and follow the prescription instructions. The sign of Soma addiction is-

  • Looking for numerous ways to get a prescription

  • Buying the muscle relaxer online 

  • Taking a dose higher than the recommended 

  • Faking symptoms to get the pain medication

  • Directly asking a physician to prescribe the muscle relaxer. 

How to take Soma dosage?

Soma pill is known for its instant pain-relieving quality. This muscle relaxer can show its effects within 30 minutes. But it is essential to take the Soma dosage properly to enjoy its effects without any problem.

One should take carisoprodol dosage with physiotherapy and adequate rest. Soma pill has a half-life of 2 to 3 hours, approximately after which its effects come down to half. It is best to take Soma dosage under the observation of a doctor. As [2] mentioned, one can take the Carisoprodol dose three times a day. Soma is available in the market with a dosage range from 250 to 500 mg. Carisoprodol is not suitable for more than three weeks.

Soma abuse potential- What makes the muscle relaxer addictive?

The effects of the Soma pill can be appealing to users. It produces a sedative, calming, and euphoric effect when taken in a higher dosage, thus resulting in its recreational uses. These effects come from the muscle relaxer's interaction with the brain's GABA receptors. On reaching the human body, the Soma muscle relaxer induces dopamine secretion in the body, producing these effects on the user. It is a CNS depressant and is seen to work and function similarly to opioid medications. These effects may intensify when one takes Carisoprodol with other substances and compounds. 

Soma withdrawal- Symptoms and health risk 

The side effects of Soma abuse and withdrawal are similar; they are usually mild and do not adversely affect the body. The sign of withdrawal is common in the long-term use of the muscle relaxer. Sudden discontinuation of the analgesic can thus lead to causing withdrawal signs in the user. The common signs of Soma withdrawal symptoms include-

  • Vomiting

  • Delusions

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Muscle twitching 

  • Nausea 

It is essential to note that there are other possible side effects of Soma abuse and withdrawal apart from the ones mentioned here. These signs usually go away with time and do not require immediate medical attention. However, if the condition persists or worsens with time, such users should consult a doctor.

Carisoprodol side effects and precautions

Apart from the side effects of Soma abuse, improper dosing and other health conditions may result in adverse effects from the muscle relaxer. These side effects are commonly familiar with the withdrawal symptoms. However, some distinguishable side effects of Carisoprodol are-


Table 1: Common side effects of the Soma pill

Common side effects

Seek doctor's help


Chest pain


Cold Sweat


Irregular heartbeat




Shortness of breath


Sudden loss of consciousness

Source: [3]


These side effects are different from person to person. If you feel that these side effects last for a long time, then taking a doctor’s help is the best option.



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