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Modalert abuse: Can drugs for excessive sleepiness turn addictive?

Modalert abuse: Can drugs for excessive sleepiness turn addictive?


The risk of Modalert abuse and addiction is very low. Modafinil, the active ingredient of Modalert, is considered safe with a low risk of experiencing side effects.


Sleep is vital to maintaining healthy physical and mental well-being. Patients with Narcolepsy struggle with maintaining a normal sleep cycle, which results in excessive daytime sleepiness. A report by “Rare Disease Organization” indicates that 1 in every 2000 people in the USA suffers from Narcolepsy [1]. This thus contributes to the rise in the use of Modalert 200mg. With an elevation of the prescription and off-label use of the Modalert Nootropic, cases of Modalert abuse are also being reported. Despite the rising popularity of Modalert, there is still little consensus on the effect of the Nootropic on health and long-term use. This raises several questions in the minds of the users regarding the safety and abuse potential of Modalert 200mg. This blog on Modalert abuse evaluates the abuse potency of the Nootropic and its chances of being detected on a drug test. It also focuses on certain facts to know before buying Modalert to avoid the occurrence of dependency and abuse in users. 


Modalert abuse- Causes and frequency 

Modalert is the brand version of the generic Modafinil that shows clinical evidence of promoting wakefulness and diminishing user sleepiness and fatigue. Modalert 200mg is formulated with Modafinil as the active compound, thus showing similar efficacy and potency as its generic version. The off-label use of the Nootropic also shows promising results as an antidepressant in patients with mental health disorders. Currently, Modafinil and exercise are being mixed to overcome fatigue and further improve stamina. People also snort Modafinil for a faster onset of action as it directly releases the compound into the bloodstream without being metabolized in the liver. Modafinil addiction treatment is also a popular therapeutic effect of the Nootropic, helping with substance abuse. Often, Modafinil doesn't work in people with long-term use and abuse; thus, it is essential to take the dosage prescribed to you by your physician. 

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency classifies category IV drugs as low potency for abuse and dependency. A Modafinil review published in the European Neuropsychopharmacology journal reports Modafinil to be the first Nootropic to be certified safe for healthy people [2]. 


 Key reasons for Modalert abuse

Reports also suggest that Modafinil is a highly tolerated Nootropic with lower chances of occurrence of side effects. The prescription use of the Modalert 200mg is for excessive sleepiness associated with Narcolepsy and sleep apnea. However, over the past few years, the off-label use of the Nootropic has been in the limelight. This use of the Nootropic without a valid medical prescription increases the risk of Modalert abuse in users. Some of the popular off-label uses of Modalert are-

  • By night shift workers to stay awake and alert all night long

  • Several office workers choose Nootropics to enhance their productivity and activeness

  • Professionals use it for better cognitive ability. 

Apart from its off-label uses, the other factor contributing to increasing the risk of Modalert abuse in users is its ability to cause euphoric and sedative effects in users. When the Nootropic is taken with other chemical substances and alcohol, it can induce a feeling of high in the user. 

Identify Modalert Abuse in Children 

The use of the Modalert 200 mg by children is due to its cognitive enhancing ability. It specifically works on the brain's hypothalamus region to induce better memory, focus, and attention. A study by U.Müller shows the effects of Modafinil on the non-verbal memory and creative thinking of the person [3]. 


Identify Modalert abuse in Children


The above graph from the study exhibits the comparison between Modafinil and Placebo in enhancing the cognition of a person. It shows the use of Modafinil has a much higher potency to elevate cognition, creative thinking, and task-enjoying ability over placebo. 

The use of Modalert 200 mg, therefore, has a higher potency to cause dependency in students and teens. Hoping to score better grades in their exams, these students continuously keep taking higher doses of the Nootropic without consulting a doctor. The use of Modalert 200mg by students is not approved for children under the age of 17 years. 


 The key role of parents-

With an increase in students depending on Modafinil for studying, parents need to monitor their kids to prevent the appearance of dependency and chances of abuse. They should be observant of sudden changes in their behavior. 




If your child is taking Modalert or Modafinil Nootropic for studies, here are a few signs to be cautious about.


Modalert dependency signs

Modalert abuse signs

  • Looking for numerous ways to take Modalert dose.

  • Visiting several doctors for Modalert prescription. 

  • Buying Modalert online 

  • Taking a higher dose than recommended. 

  • Overdosing 

  • Administering Modalert dose with other compounds for sedative effects. 

  • Excessive thirst and dry mouth

  • Trouble falling asleep

  • Loss of appetite

  • Dizziness

  • Diarrhea or constipation

  • Modalert headache

  • Numbness, burning, or tingling effect on the skin

  • Modafinil Blood Pressure can be an issue for people with heart disorders. 

  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing

  • Mouth sores

  • Blisters

Mixing of Modalert with other substances- A case study on its clinical Toxicology

The administration of Modalert with other compounds and alcohol is a sign of abuse. This is commonly done to enhance its sedative effects. The effects of mixing Modalert differ depending on the compound it is co-ingested with. The case studies published by Lars Radünz indicate the effects of taking Modalert with other compounds [4]. Such interactions, if continued for a long period, can increase the chance of developing dependency on the user. Such people also experience lower effects from alcohol or substance abuse without conjugating it with Modalert or its similar brand versions. 


Case study 

Effects of Modafinil 

Intoxication of Modafinil with escitalopram by a 14-year-old girl. 

  • Anxiety

  • Tachycardia

  • Diarrhea

  • dry mouth

Driving under the influence of Modafinil co-ingested with Diazepam, Benzoylecgonine, Nordazepam, and a few others

  • Lack of concentration

  • incessant talking

  • Sleepy

  • Redness in the eye

Mixing Modalert and alcohol

  • Swaying of the body while standing

  • Redness in the eye

Taking Modalert with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), Imipramine

  • urine test shows positive for amphetamine

  • Nervous

  • Restless

  • Depression signs

  • Dry mouth

  • Trembling of the body


How Long Does Modafinil Stay in the Body?

The time taken by the body to eliminate Modalert depends on the half-life of the compound. Modafinil, on reaching the body, gets metabolized into two inactive compounds which further get excreted in the urine. The elimination half-life of Armodafinil is 15 hours, and Esmodafinil is 4 hours. 



A study by S. Dubey shows that the body takes about 80 hours (about 4 days) to completely excrete Modafinil from the system [6]. This is much longer than the effects of the Nootropic seen in the user. The time taken by the body to eliminate Modalert may vary in people. The factors that can affect the duration needed by the body to remove Modalert are-

  • The purity of the Nootropic

  • Age of the user, as younger people eliminate Modalert quicker compared to the elderly.

  • The strength of Modalert taken 

  • The gender of the user

  • Number of doses

  • Genetic

  • Bodyweight

  • Health issues

  • Consumption of food or other medications 

Will Modalert show up on a drug test? 

When it comes to the Modafinil drug test, it will positively show up in the screen test. However, it is possible under two circumstances- 

  • Conducting a test specifically for Modafinil and its brand versions

  • If the test is conducted before the body clears the Nootropic from the system

The test can be conducted on different parts of the body as they are commonly known to retain Modalert traces in them. The common modalert detection is commonly run on the urine, blood, saliva, and hair of the user.


 Which drug test Methods detect Modalert? 

The presence of Modafinil can be detected in the body through drug screening methods such as mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, immunoassay screenings, and reagent tests. If the tests are conducted within a short period of taking the Modalert dosage, then the exact dose of the Nootropic can be detected. However, if done after a long time, it can track the presence of the compound. Of the four detection essays, immunoassay screenings and reagent tests are done specifically for testing the presence of Modalert or Modafinil in the body. 


 Who does Modafinil drug test?

Drug tests have been conducted for many years now. Unlike other compounds, the drug test for detecting the presence of Modalert is not very common. It is not included in standard drug tests. This is only done under specific conditions, such as overdosing and drug abuse cases. The Modafinil drug test is commonly done by corporations and government organizations. Since the USA has passed a drug-free workplace act, one might have to go through a Modafinil drug test before joining a new office. 


 Modafinil Tests in Athletics

Drug testing in any form of sports is now considered standard practice.  This is mostly done to ensure no competitor wins from unfair means. This is why athletic organizations incorporate expensive and accurate methods for drug screening. Such organizations largely utilize immunoassay screens, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry for drug detection in athletes. The use of Modafinil is not included on the list of illegal substances considered by the sports organization. The NCAA provides guidelines for banned drugs in the USA on their website. Therefore, if an athlete is under prescription Modalert, it is important to inform the sports authority about it. However, other organizations, such as the World Anti-Doping Agency, list Modafinil as a banned substance. Thus, non-prescription users should cease the administration of the Nootropic 2 to 3  days before the drug test. 

How Long Does Modafinil Stay In Your Urine, Hair, Saliva, And Blood?

Most of the Modafinil Nootropic is eliminated as one of the two major circulating metabolites- Modafinil acid or Modafinil sulfone. It can be commonly detected in the hair, urine, saliva, and blood of the user. However, the retention time of the Nootropic in these parts may vary. 




About 80% of the Modafinil compound is excreted from the body in urine. Reports suggest that Modafinil and its metabolite may be present at testable levels in the urine for about 30  to 72 hours from the last Modafinil dosage. 



The detection of Modalert in the blood is less frequent in comparison to urine. The presence of the Modalert in the blood can be detected for 10 to 12 hours from the last dose of the Nootropic. 


A study shows that ten days after the consumption of Modafinil, beard hair shows the presence of the Nootropic in low amounts [7]. It is estimated that hair can retain the Nootropic for about 30 days. 



The presence of Modalert or Modafinil in the Saliva only lasts for a few hours from the intake of the dosage. If tested right after the administration of the Nootropic, one can determine the strength of the dose taken. 

Modalert online- How to control abuse with Modalert online purchases?




With the rise of online pharmacies, controlling Modalert abuse in people can be critical since most pharmacies retail their medication without the requirement of a valid medical prescription. To control abuse, it is significant for the user to be aware of the basic product information. The right administration of the Nootropic will ensure safe usage and benefits from Modalert 200mg. It is also equally critical for one to choose the right online pharmacy to verify the authenticity of the nootropic. So, where to buy Modalert securely? Healthnaturo has been a leading pioneer in the healthcare industry with its consistent efforts to provide the best customer service. We guarantee genuine products with numerous discounts and offers.   



Modalert is a mild stimulant. The intake of the Nootropic boosts the energy of the person making them feel active and alert. This thus helps in addressing sleepiness and lethargy in users. Modalert intake also helps users focus better on the task at hand. 

The Modalert Nootropic usage has low abuse liability. However, it can produce euphoric and psychoactive effects on the user. 

The use of Modafinil is considered a safe choice of Nootropics. However, there are reports of its use for recreational purposes. Such use of the Nootropic can be associated with the signs of anxiety and depression in such users. Thus, the recreational use of Modafinil is not advised. 

The standard dose of Modalert is 200mg once a day. The intake of the Nootropic more than its recommended dose can cause overdosing in the user. Overdosing on Modafinil is more common in combination with alcohol and other substances. Some of the Modafinil overdose symptoms are-

  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Hallucination
  • Confusion
  • Chest pain
  • Diarrhea
  • nausea

The commonly prescribed Modalert dose is 200mg. Taking a higher dose then increases the chance of overdosing and dependency. Users wishing to take Modalert 300mg should do so only after consulting a doctor. 

The recommended dose of Modalert is once in the morning. Taking two doses of Nootropic can cause side effects. The administration of the Nootropic later in the day can cause insomnia in the user. 


The prescription use of Modalert is to treat excessive daytime sleepiness arising from Narcolepsy. It is however widely accepted as a “Smart drug” for its cognitive enhancement properties. 

The use of Modalert 200 mg Nootropic can cause euphoria. This is also a major cause of Modalert abuse in the user. 


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