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What is Dan 5513: Exploring Its Efficacy And Benefits

What is Dan 5513: Exploring Its Efficacy And Benefits


Carisoprodol manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals (now Allergan Pharmaceutical company) is also known as DAN 5513 pills due to its imprints “DAN” and “5513” on each side of the tablet. The FDA approves it for treating short-term acute skeletomuscular body pain. 



Dan 5513 pill is a muscle relaxer approved by the FDA as a therapeutic option for treating short-term acute pain. It is a Carisoprodol brand medication that is also available as Soma 350mg. 

This blog outlines everything you should know about pill 5513 to make an informed decision.


What Kind Of Pill Is Dan 5513?

The DAN 5513 pill is the other name of the generic Carisoprodol pill, which is a muscle relaxant. It offers an effective treatment line for managing short-term acute skeletomuscular pain. It is a centrally-acting analgesic that helps relieve pain within 30 minutes of intake. Manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals, it is a prescription analgesic recommended with rest and physical therapy for the best result.

Note- As of March 2015, Watson Pharmaceuticals is a part of Allergan Pharmaceutical company. 


Pill Identifier Dan 5513

The DAN 5513 white round pill is a Carisoprodol 350mg tablet with DAN written on one side and 5513 on the other, as shown in the image below. 




Pill Package-

Storage and supply of pills 5513 are available in 100, 500, and 1000 bottles. These pills should be stored at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Dan 5513 Pills Characteristics 


Pill Characteristics 

Active Compound 


Inactive Compound 

Corn Starch, Sodium Benzoate, Magnesium Stearate, Lactose Anhydrous, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Povidone, Sodium. 






12.00 mm





Labeler / Supplier

Watson Pharmaceuticals (Allergan Pharmaceutical company). 


Dan 5513 Pill Uses 

The DAN 5531 pill relaxes the muscle to help relieve the pain associated with muscle injuries, strains, and sprains. While maintaining excellent safety and tolerability, clinical studies indicate the beneficial effect of Carisoprodol for treating anxiety and stress. However, the investigational uses of the analgesic are not approved by FDA for medical use. 

Other medical benefits of using Carisoprodol include pain relief from menstrual cramps, migraines, and fibromyalgia.  


Working Mechanism Of Pills 5513

Carisoprodol does not induce pain relief by directly relaxing the skeletal muscle. Its muscle-relaxing effects are associated with the altered interneuronal activity of the spinal cord and a descending reticular formation of the brain, according to Till Conermann and Desirae Christian. 

Following an oral administration, the drug is metabolized in the liver to form Meprobamate, the primary metabolite of Carisoprodol. Meprobamate works on the GABA receptors and contributes to its therapeutic effects. 

DAN 5513 pills have 30 minutes of action onset, lasting 4 to 5 hours. 


Dan 5513 Dosage In Managing Acute Pain

The pill 5513 comprises 350 mg of Carisoprodol, similar to Soma 350 mg, and is commonly prescribed for beginners. An oral analgesic should be taken three to four times daily. 

The maximum DAN 5513 (Carisoprodol) dose considered safe for administration is 1400mg. Overdosing on the pill can increase the risk of blurry vision, headache, loss of consciousness, muscle stiffness, troubled breathing, weakness in the legs and arms, nervousness, and restlessness. 

Long-term use of the 5513 pill is not recommended over three weeks as it can increase the possibility of abuse and experiencing side effects. 


The 5513 pills do not refer to the Carisoprodol strength of 250 and 500 mg. So, people wanting a higher dose should buy Soma 500 mg tablets after consulting a doctor. 

Soma pill is the brand drug of Carisoprodol with a similar efficacy and user benefit. 


Administration Guidelines 

  • The use of DAN 5513 dosage is not recommended for children below the age of 17 years. 

  • For people above the age of 65 years, it should be taken after consulting a doctor. 

  • The DAN 5513 is an oral pill that must be swallowed with water. 

  • It can be administered 3 to 4 times a day, depending on the severity of the pain. 

  • The tablet can be taken before or after a meal. 

  • Breaking and crushing the tablet before administration is not advisable. 


Evaluating DAN 5513 Recreational Use And Abuse Potential 

The recreational use of Carisoprodol or DAN 5513 pills is often done because of the following factors. 

  • Sedating Effect On The Brain- Soma pill or Carisoprodol produces a sedative effect that can produce a sense of high. The dan 5513 (Soma) high is also often known as the "Houston Cocktail," which provides a similar effect as heroin. 

  • Increase The Effectiveness- The muscle relaxer can intensify its effects with other medications. 

5513 Dan High-

Dan 5513 high is usually achieved by co-administering the muscle relaxer with other medications and substances. It can build tolerance and may require larger doses to feel the same effect when abused for a longer period. 

The physiological impact of abusing Carisoprodol includes insomnia, seizures, flushed skin, fainting, palpitation, and dizziness. It can also affect the mental well-being of such users by causing-

  • Impairment in thinking and concentrating clearly.

  • Agitation

  • Withdrawal behavior from friends and family.

  • Numerous attempts to get prescription a Soma prescription. 

  • Irritability

Dan 5513 Snort-

Snorting Carisoprodol or the DAN 5513 pills is a form of abuse where the medication is taken through the nasal passage by crushing or breaking it. 

Recreational users often snort Soma pills or Carisoprodol tablets to get a euphoric effect. Taking the medication by snorting has a faster and more intense effect, thus also increasing the risk of experiencing adverse effects.

The risks of snorting any medication, including Carisoprodol, include the following. 

  • Dependency and addiction.

  • It may damage the nasal mucosal tissue.

  • Irritation and Inflammation of the nostrils. 

The long-term risk of snorting 5513 pills further includes nosebleeds, hoarseness, loss of smell, runny nose, sores in the nose, and throat discomfort. 


Precautions And Warning

  • The use of the Dan 5513 pill is contradicted in people suffering from kidney and liver disorders. 

  • Carisoprodol can affect the heart and is not advised for patients with cardiovascular disorders. 

  • Carisoprodol is not recommended for people suffering from porphyria (a condition that results in the accumulation of porphyrin, a protein essential for the functioning of hemoglobin). 

  • The administration of the muscle relaxer can cause dizziness and drowsiness, thus making it unsafe to drive a vehicle or operate any heavy machinery. 

  • The 5513 pill is not advised for pregnant and lactating women as it is a category C drug and can cross the blood-placenta barrier to affect the growing fetus. 

  • Taking the medication with alcohol can build tolerance, dizziness, and drowsiness. 

  • Before taking the analgesic, consult a doctor to rule out any possible allergic reaction to the compounds in the formulation. 

  • In elderly adults, using the Soma pill can cause confusion, dizziness, and drowsiness. 


Potential Dan 5513 Pill Side Effects 

The common side effects of taking Carisoprodol include constipation, headache, dizziness, seizure, drowsiness, nervousness, vomiting, agitation, depression, and insomnia, as shown below. 

DAN 5513  muscle relaxers can cause sleepiness as they act on the Central Nervous System. These symptoms often go away in a few days or as soon as the effect of the medication wears off. On rare occasions, it may also cause seizures, abdominal pain, faster heartbeat, flushing of the face, chest pain, and low blood pressure. 

It is, however, essential to note that this is not a complete list of all the possible side effects of the DAN 5513 pills, and there can be other possible adverse effects of the medication apart from the ones listed here. 


Dan 5513 White Round Pill- Significance of Understanding Its Relationship with Soma Pill

The key notable similarities and differences between the Dan 5513 White Round Pill and the Soma pill are listed below. 

Similarities Between 5513 White Pill And Soma Pill- 

  • Drug Class- The Dan 5513 white round and Soma pill are muscle relaxers. These prescription medications effectively treat muscle-related discomforts such as spasms and spasticity. 

  • Active Ingredient- They are both composed of Carisoprodol as the active ingredient. 

Differences Between Soma Pill And Dan 5513 Pills-

  • Generic and Brand drug- The Dan 5513 round white pill is the generic version of Carisoprodol, whereas the Soma pill is its brand drug. 

  • Strengths- The Dan 5513 pills are available in 350 mg drug strength, whereas the Soma pill is available in 250mg, 350 mg, and 500 mg strength. 

  • Formulation- The Soma pill is retailed in different formulations, such as the Soma Compound, formulated with Carisoprodol and aspirin. However, the Dan 5513 pill is only retiled in one specific formula. 


Dan 5513 Street Value- Are They More Affordable Than Soma Pills? 

The common street names of Carisoprodol are Wallace 200’s, DANCE, Las Vegas Cocktail, Soma Coma, and DS. 

The street value of the Soma pill is  $30 to $35, and the cost of Somacid (brand name of Carisoprodol) in Mexico is $18 to $30 for two 50-pill bottles. In the United States, the street value of a Soma 350 mg pill is $1 to $5, according to an article published by the East Valley Tribune, a digital aggregator of community news. 

Cost Of Soma Pill And Generic Carisoprodol Pill At Healthnaturo 

The cost of the Soma 350 mg and 500 mg at Healthnaturo online pharmacies is $0.74 per pill for a package of 400 pills, which is much more affordable than its street price in the USA. 

Most insurance companies and Medicare plans also cover the cost of these analgesics, making Soma an affordable choice of pain treatment. 

Author’s Note On The Retail And Street Value Of 5513 Pill-

This is to inform all our readers that the Street value of a drug refers to the cost of a drug or medication when sold illegally. 

Soma Pill is an FDA-approved medication, and Healthnaturo sells all health products following the law and adhering to the ethical standards of medications. We do not retail any medicine illegally. 

The cost of the Soma pill mentioned here is the final retail price, including all discounts and offers. 


Is Dan 5513 A Soma- Our Final Thoughts

The 5513 White Pill is a generic Carisoprodol tablet and an effective treatment option for acute pain. Since both DAN 5513 and Soma pill have the same active compound, they showcase numerous similarities. 

So, let us have a rundown of the key factors and characteristics of DAN 5513 noted in this blog. 

  • Beginners should start with a lower dose of the muscle relaxer and gradually increase the dose based on their condition and severity of pain. 

  • Both Soma pills and DAN 5513 tablets take 30 minutes to start acting. The primary metabolite is meprobamate, which contributes to its analgesic effects but also is responsible for its abuse potential. 

  • The 5513 pill is a prescription drug that should be taken after consulting a doctor.

  • Avoid the intake of alcohol and other medication to maintain the efficacy and the beneficial properties of the muscle relaxer. 


The Soma 350mg tablets are imprinted with DAN and 5513 on each side and contain Carisoprodol as the active compound.

One pill of Soma 350mg at a time is recommended to avoid overdosing.

The Soma pill is not advised for people with kidney, liver, and heart disorders. Its use is also restricted for people below 18 years and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

A few studies indicate using the Soma pill can contribute to weight loss as a side effect; however, this is not considered a significant adverse effect of the medication.

The formulation of the Soma pill contains aspirin that helps reduce inflammation, pain, and fever in users.

The intake of the medication can be done with or without meals. However, it is best to avoid food rich in fats as it can slow down the metabolic activity of the medication.


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