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Soma Pills For Anxiety Treatment

Soma Pills For Anxiety Treatment


Soma for anxiety can help by inducing a sedative and calming effect by targeting the central nervous system. However, the use of Soma (Carisoprodol) for anxiety is not an FDA-approved medical use of the muscle relaxer. 
Any non-prescription use of the Soma muscle relaxer, including its beneficial effect in treating anxiety, should be done under the supervision of a physician. 



Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant for treating acute skeletomuscular discomfort. So, why are we discussing "Soma for anxiety"?

Several studies and user reviews indicate its potential use in lowering users' anxiety signs. A survey by Intercontinental Marketing Services shows that Carisoprodol is one of the three medicines that represent 45% of all prescriptions for musculoskeletal pain. It makes the Soma pill highly prone to abuse. Improper product information can largely contribute to its misuse. So, debunking all myths associated with the muscle relaxer is essential. 

So, does Soma help with anxiety? 

This blog is an overview of the anxiolytic activity of Carisoprodol and its efficacy and safety profile in helping manage the signs of anxiety. 

Does Soma Help Anxiety- An Overview 

Any alteration in life may be a significant reason for experiencing stress and anxiety. With most anti-anxiety medicines providing temporary solutions, the pursuit of the proper sedative continues. 

One of the latest anxiety-relieving compounds that are grabbing the attention of most pharmaceutical giants and researchers is the Soma pill.


Soma for anxiety is clinically proven to be an effective solution due to the structural similarities of Meprobamate and Carisoprodol on the GABA receptor of the brain. It further mimics the mechanism of benzodiazepines (commonly used to treat anxiety and stress). Therefore, using the Soma pill at a low to moderate dosage is clinically effective in reducing the signs of anxiety in addition to its muscle-relaxing property [1]. 

A study by S. E. C. Turvey on the effectiveness of Soma for anxiety shows it is beneficial for treating tension, anxiety, and depression [2]. This study also highlights that the Soma pill for relaxation provides better results than generic benzodiazepines. 

Clinical Evidence On The Use Of Soma For Anxiety ​ 

So, are the claims of using Carisoprodol for anxiety have any scientific backup? Numerous case reports suggest that the Soma pill has a high abuse potential due to its metabolism into the anxiolytic compound called meprobamate [3]. 

Early reports of the clinical use of Carisoprodol for anxiety showed positive results (Borrus, 1955). 

A clinical study on patients with anxiety was carried out on 20 men and 20 women aged 18 to 60. They were thought to be suitable for treatment with meprobamate (primary metabolite of Carisoprodol). The patients received 400mg of meprobamate or Placebo tablets for four weeks. 


On the completion of the trial, Carisoprodol for anxiety showed significant improvement in the patients (15 people from the trial responded well to Soma for anxiety, whereas eight people showed improvement from placebo) [4]. 

Why Is Carisoprodol For Anxiety Not Safe? 




Even though scientific evidence sketches the efficacy of the Soma pill for treating signs of anxiety, however, there are a few factors contradicting this claim.

A phase IV clinical trial on 14,943 people indicates that anxiety and stress are common in people who take the Soma pill for an extended period. It is especially prevalent in females aged 40 to 49 [5]. Soma-for-anxiety

A clinical study conducted on prisoners in Norway taking 700 to 2100 mg of Carisoprodol per day for nine months suffered from withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety as a primary concern [6]. 

The same report highlights another case of Carisoprodol withdrawal in a 43-year-old man taking a dose of Soma 350mg or higher daily. Within 48 hours of cessation, he developed signs of anxiety along with other withdrawal signs. 

Several other reports of clinicians documenting anxiety as a withdrawal sign in users are noted. Thus, the long-term use of the Soma pill is not advisable, and one must employ the “tapering-off” method before discontinuing the muscle relaxer.

The key factors to avoid anxiety issues from taking the Soma pill includes- 

  • Not taking Muscle relaxers for anxiety for over three to four times a day 

  • Long-term use of Soma pill (continuous use of more than three weeks). 

  • Avoid mixing Soma with alcohol or other medications and treatments. 

Carisoprodol For Anxiety Or Muscle Pain- Its Original Intention Of Use 

Miltown, known as Meprobamate, was initially developed to treat anxiety. It is the metabolite of Carisoprodol and hit the market in the 1950s.

Building on the pharmacological effects of Meprobamate, Carisoprodol was intended to have better muscle relaxing properties. 

So, Carisoprodol and Meprobamate have separate functions and thus can effectively manage muscle pain and anxiety. 

Prescription Use Of Carisoprodol




Body pain can result from multiple causes, making everyday activities challenging. Carisoprodol dosage works within 30 minutes and is an advanced lower back pain treatment

The prescription use of Soma is to help treat acute pain in people. This muscle relaxer can be helpful for people in treating muscle spasms, sprain, injury, posture issues, post-operative discomforts, etc. The use of muscle relaxers for headaches is also gaining popularity in the present time. 

It is not very common for physicians to prescribe Soma for anxiety. However, it may be an option for people with mental health issues associated with body pain. Such people can buy Soma to manage body pain and anxiety effectively. It is, however, essential to consult a psychiatrist for proper medical assistance.   

User Review And Testimonial On The Use Of Soma For Anxiety 

User reviews on the use of soma for anxiety can help us outline two basic factors on the non-prescription use of the muscle relaxer-

  • Soma pill can indeed help manage the signs of anxiety. Users taking the muscle relaxer have experienced beneficial effects in improving restlessness, nervousness, and racing heartbeat and mind. 
  • The drawback of using Carisoprodol for anxiety is that its effect does not last for too long, making it less effective for people with chronic anxiety issues. 



Alternative Of Carisoprodol Muscle Relaxer For Anxiety

Although the use of Soma for anxiety symptoms shows a promising result, it is not a prescription anxiolytic. So, here are a few alternatives to Carisoprodol-


Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs)

SNRIs help ease moderate to severe signs of depression. They should be, however, taken after consulting a doctor. 


Ketamine (Eskatimine)

Ketamine may come in several forms, but the one approved by the FDA for depression is a nasal spray. It is often prescribed to adults who do not respond well to anti-depressants and have a major depressive disorder. These medications may take 4 to 8 weeks to show results and become fully effective. 



They are a potential option for helping people stay calm in tense situations. They function by increasing the inhibitory GABA neurotransmission in the brain. 


Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)-

This drug can work effectively against moderate to severe signs of depression. They are considered safe compared to numerous other treatment options available today. 


These classes of drugs show high potency in treating the signs of anxiety and other mental health issues. However, consulting a doctor before self-medicating any of these medications is advised. 


Musflex muscle relaxers are also investigated for their therapeutic benefits for treating the signs of anxiety in people. Musflex is an analgesic with Carisoprodol and Naproxen as their active compounds. 

What Are Some Natural Remedies To Calm Anxiety?




One can treat anxiety in numerous ways. Along with taking conventional anxiety drugs, countless natural remedies improve the condition. You can take them alongside your anxiety drugs for better results. So, here are some simple but effective ways to manage signs of anxiety naturally -



Several pieces of research back the fact that exercising is one of the best ways to let go of your anxious feelings. A study in 2015 highlights the positive effect of exercise in helping manage the signs of anxiety [4]. It also helps with anxiety associated with stressful events. Another study suggests exercising can benefit people with stress from quitting smoking [5].   



Anxiety often causes overthinking. Thus, meditating can slow down your racing thoughts effectively. It is the key aspect of Cognitive behavioral therapy. Research reports from John Hopkins indicate that 30 minutes of meditation can act as an antidepressant and improve anxiety symptoms [6]. One can meditate along with taking Soma for anxiety to see better and faster results. 



A good and soothing smell can effectively ease stress and anxiety. However, not all scents work the same in everyone. Natural oil extracts can promote a healthy mind, spirit, and body. Some popular essential oils to relieve anxiety are lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and clary sage. 


  Chamomile tea-

A hot cup of chamomile tea can do wonders to your unraveling nerves. A study in the year 2014 showed the potency of chamomile extracts in treating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) [7]. Researches state its close resemblance with a benzodiazepine. The intake of Soma for anxiety with Chamomile tea shows no negative impact on the person's health.

Soma For Anxiety- Our Final Thought

Even though the use of Carisoprodol is proven to be effective in lowering the signs of anxiety, here are a few drawbacks that you must be aware of before using the muscle relaxer. 

  • The use of the muscle relaxer for anxiety is not approved by the FDA and, therefore, will not be advised or prescribed by most physicians.
  • The effect of the Soma pill lasts for 5 to 6 hours, thus making its effects last for a very short period. 
  • It is not beneficial for people with chronic anxiety disorder. 
  • A few clinical trials contraindicate the use of Carisoprodol for anxiety as the muscle relaxer is noted to cause anxiety in a few individuals. 

We advise people to consult a doctor if they or their loved ones are struggling with anxiety or any other mental health disorder. 




CYP2C19 metabolizes Carisoprodol to Meprobamate, a sedative used to treat anxiety disorders. It is, however, not the first line of anxiety treatment.

Three muscle relaxers for anxiety are Carisoprodol, Diazepam, and Lorazepam. Other muscle relaxers may be effective for anxiety, but these three are the most commonly accepted.

Soma for anxiety is not the prescription use of the muscle relaxer. It is therefore not widely prescribed for anxiety or other mental health issues. The prescription use of Carisoprodol is to treat short-term acute pain.

The action of Soma begins within 30 minutes of intake. The effect of the analgesic lasts for 5 to 6 hours.

The First-line drugs for anxiety are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. Benzodiazepines are often not advised for routine use. Other anxiety treatment options include buspirone, pregabalin, moclobemide, and tricyclic antidepressants.

Soma can induce a calming and sedative effect after administration, thus helping treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The Soma pill induces a sedative effect, thus helping people sleep better. However, the use of Carisoprodol for insomnia with anxiety is not approved by the FDA.

The daily use of the Soma pill is safe, but it should not be continued beyond three weeks of continuous use.


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