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A Complete User Guide On Tapentadol- Everything You Must Know

A Complete User Guide On Tapentadol- Everything You Must Know


Tapentadol is an opioid pain medication that is available under brand names such as Aspadol, Nucynta, and Palexia. It is available in two formulations: where the Immediate Release (IR) tablet shows quicker disintegration to manage acute pain, and the Extended Release (ER) tablet helps with chronic pain through slow disintegration in the body. 

With possible interaction with 375 medication, it should be taken with caution. 



If you have ever experienced back pain, you know life with severe pain can be difficult. It can affect your daily activities, making it crucial for you to get medical help. Suffering from prolonged severe pain can be one of the most challenging medical conditions that often do not show effective results from generic pain medication. Tapentadol is a proven way to help manage such discomfort in people. It is a centrally-acting opioid medication that works with a dual mode of action, making it a better choice of analgesic over other prescription opioids available on the market. The drug class of Tapenatdol is opioid analgesic that is classfied as a Schedule II controlled substance by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). 

This blog illustrates the possible Tapentadol interactions, benefits, user reviews, warnings, and side effects.


Tapentadol brand names

Tapentadol is available in the market under several trade names listed below. The alternative name of Tapentadol is “Orange pain pill” due to its prominent color. 


Tapentadol was first manufactured and marketed by Grünenthal Pharmaceuticals under the brand name Palexia in Germany. 


Nucynta is manufactured by Collegium Pharmaceutical and is the most popular brand drug of Tapentadol in the USA. 


Aspadol is manufactured by an Indian based pharmaceutical company named Signature Pharmaceuticals. The key benefit of buying Aspadol tablets is their affordability and high efficacy. 


The Yantil tablets are manufactured by Grünenthal Pharmaceutical in Germany. 


Manufactured by Zuventus Healthcare Ltd, Tapenta is a brand Drug of Tapenatadol in India. 


This brand drug of Tapentadol is manufactured by MSN Laboratories in India. 


Dosage forms for Tapentadol

Tapentadol are available in two dosage forms- The Immediate Release (IR) tablets and the Extended-release (ER) tablets. 

Immediate-Release Tablets Of Tapentadol 

The IR tablets are medications that disintegrate rapidly and show faster effects in the body. The Tapentadol IR tablets are available in 50mg, 75mg, and 100mg dosage strengths and are recommended for moderate to severe acute pain. 

Tapentadol Extended-Release Formulation 

Extended-release tablets release slowly into the body over a period of time, usually 12 to 24 hours. The ER tablets differ from the IR tablets in their disintergation time. 

The Tapentadol ER (Extended Release) is available in the strengths of 100mg, 150mg, and 250mg. 


Tapentadol Pill Identification

The key identification factor of Tapentadol is its prominent orange color that is available in its 75 mg and 100 mg IR formulations, whereas the ER tablets may vary in color based on their strengths. 

To identify a fake Tapentadol pill, ensure checking the following:

  • The package of the medication.

  • The list of Ingredients of Tapentadol tablet

  • The presence of the respective manufacturer logo on the pill and on the package.

  • Embosment of the pill strength and “O-M” on either side of the tablet. 

  • If you are sold generic Tapentadol tablets by any website, they are 100% counterfeit as generic Tapentadol tablets are not currently manufactured and retailed in the market. So, be sure to never purchase such products. 


Clinical Profile And Uses Of Tapentadol

The development of Tapentadol tablets is to decrease the intolerability issue associated with other opioid medications. It is an effective solution for discomfort associated with lower back pain and osteoarthritis. The use of Tapentadol for diabetic peripheral neuropathy is further approved by the FDA. 

Studies indicate that this analgesic has higher gastrointestinal tolerability than other opioid medications. Tapentadol for fibromyalgia, muscle cramps, arthritis, cuts, and injuries are some of the common prescription uses of the opioid analgesic. 


Physiological Effects Of Tapentadol Drug Interaction




The ingestion of Tapentadol with other medications can cause drug interaction in users. Such conditions can lower the efficacy of the medicine and increase the chances of side effects. People taking this analgesic must refrain from administering other medicines and supplements without a doctor’s consultation. 


Common Tapentadol interactions 

Severity [2]



Other Opioids 













There are also several questions on the intake of Tapentadol pain medication with other tablets. These lists do not answer and indicate all the possible drug interactions. It is advised for users to take other treatments with the opioid medication under the supervision of a medical professional to avoid Tapentadol's side effects.


Health Impact Of Prolonged Use Of Tapentadol

The prescription use of Tapentadol is for three weeks. In a few cases, administering the analgesic for an extended period can cause life-threatening breathing problems. Beginners are more vulnerable for the first 24 to 72 hours of taking the initial dose.

On the contrary, a study by Robert Buynak et al. highlights the safety profile of long-term use of Tapentadol, indicating that taking the analgesic for approximately two years shows no sign of severe side effects [5]. 


The Metabolism And Elimination Of Tapentadol

On reaching the body, Tapentadol gets metabolized in the liver. It then passes from the hepatic functioning to the renal system for excretion. The average elimination half-life of Tapentadol is about 4 hours. Removing the compound from the body takes 22 to 24 hours [6]. Tapentadol interactions with other medications can tamper with this period, and it may take longer to remove the compounds from the body. 


What Do Users Have To Say About Tapentadol? 

The Tapentadol review shows a positive response for treating chronic pain with very few cases of side effects. It is a narrative of user experiences showcasing its advantages and demerits.




The testimonials on WebMD highlight its efficacy and ease of use in patients. At the same time, reviews on the website Drugs have an overall rating of 6.2 out of 10. About 52% of users report having a positive experience. 


Adverse Effects Of Tapentadol 

Tapentadol is associated with causing mild to moderate side effects in the user. People who take Tapentadol online without a prescription or misuse them are more susceptible to experiencing these symptoms. 

The other factors that contribute to causing these effects are overdosing, improper administration, and tapentadol drug interactions.

Common Side Effects Of Tapentadol 

The common side effects of Tapentadol include constipation, cloudy urine, chills, heartburn or indigestion, stomach discomfort, and drowsiness. 

Rare Side Effects Of Tapentadol

The rare side effects include- Change in vision, Agitation, dizziness, mental depression, poor coordination, seizures, trembling, restlessness, trouble swallowing, rash, hives, or itching. 


Tapentadol Withdrawal Symptoms

A sudden and abrupt discontinuation of the analgesic can be a major factor in experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Users taking the medication under the supervision of a doctor should consult them before discontinuing. However, nonprescription users can adopt the “tapering opioids” method by first gradually lowering the dosage before completely stopping it. This will allow your body to adjust to the lower dosage of the medication. 

Prior cases of Tapentadol interactions can amplify withdrawal symptoms. Individuals with withdrawal symptoms may face anxiety, shaking, depression, muscle pain, and nausea [8]. 


Our Final Though On Tapentadol Opioid Analgesics 

Tapentadol is a highly recommended opioid analgesic that can help you get rid of pain. This medication is the first choice for many people around the world because of its effectiveness in treating severe pain. If you want to use Tapentadol safely, you can take it under the advice of your doctor. 

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this blog or Tapentadol, reach out to [email protected].



Tapentadol does not significantly affect blood pressure.

Yes, Tapentadol can be taken with or without food.

There were no interactions found between paracetamol and tapentadol, but it is suggested that you consult your doctor before taking these two medicines together.

Taking Tapentadol more than the recommended dosage can cause an overdose of the medicine.


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