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Modafinil and Caffeine- A Morning fuel for office workers?

Modafinil and Caffeine- A Morning fuel for office workers?


Modafinil and Caffeine are one of the best coalescences for alertness and cognition enhancement. It also manages anxiety and stress at work. However, taking coffee and Modafinil together can cause a jittery feeling and must be administered correctly to avoid such adverse effects. 



“Modafinil and Caffeine”- are believed to be an elixir by numerous office workers struggling with work fatigue. But how safe is it to mix the two?

Currently, occupational fatigue is a startling yet one of the most overlooked health issues affecting most people in America. According to a survey by the National Safety Council, approximately two-thirds of the workers experience work fatigue in the USA [1]. With endless deadlines and piles of pending files, most workers seek assistance through coffee and Modafinil.

Modafinil and Caffeine provide similar cognitive benefits while working uniquely on the human brain. Its glorious synergistic combination is widely employed by students and professionals alike. 

So, can you drink coffee while taking Modafinil and expect to work twice what Nootropics can initially provide? 

This blog sketches an overview of using Coffee and Modafinil with their effects and benefits for the user. 


Modafinil And Coffee- An Overview

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating Coffee and Modafinil in your work life, it is essential to have a better insight into how they each work in the human body. Even though Modafinil and caffeine show similar effects, they work differently. 

A Brief Synopsis of Modafinil

Let's have a quick brush-up on Modafinil for people unfamiliar with the Nootropic. 

Modafinil is a prescription drug for treating excessive daytime sleepiness associated with several sleep issues. The mechanism of Modafinil is classified as a Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant and is not categorized as an amphetamine (stimulant drug). It is because its action is distinctly different from amphetamines in numerous ways. 

Modafinil and its brand versions, such as Modalert, act on a specific subset of the brain that regulates the sleep cycle in users. In comparison, amphetamines function by affecting the cerebral structure that governs these factors. 

A brief synopsis of coffee

Most people can't imagine starting a day without a cup of coffee. 64% of Americans drink coffee every day [2]. Caffeine is the active compound in coffee and is responsible for keeping us active and energetic. About 100mg of caffeine is present in a 250ml cup of coffee.

Caffeine is similar to Modafinil in enhancing the person's brain activity and energy level, thus making Modafinil vs Caffeine comparison very common.

The action of coffee is similar to Modafinil in inhibiting the release of GABA (a neurotransmitter in the CNS) and, therefore, helps suppress sleepiness. However, the primary action mechanism blocks adenosine receptors (which help induce sleep). 

According to Shuhan He, an Emergency Medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, caffeine is an adenosine-receptor antagonist [3]. Adenosine is a molecule that acts as a messenger when released from nerve cells. When it binds to a neuron's receptor, it gets blocked, and the activity of the cell slows down, making you sleepy. Caffeine can inhibit this process, promoting wakefulness and alertness.

Caffeine can also cause blood vessels to constrict in the brain, thus allowing coffee to cause headaches. We are all aware of the unsettled, jittery feelings of taking too much coffee or tea. It is an effect common in many drugs known as hormesis, pertains to coffee, and is best explained in the graph below. 


Hormesis is a response curve where compounds confer beneficial effects at a lower dose and become harmful at higher doses. Now you must be wondering, why do we all love drinking it?

Research shows that caffeine can elevate the level of dopamine in the body. It is a neurotransmitter that helps us feel motivated and happy. 


Modafinil And Caffeine- Pharmacological Interaction




Caffeine and Modafinil are two widely consumed psychoactive compounds with cognitive enhancement abilities. After taking Modafinil and Caffeine together, human and animal trials have shown improved memory in sleep-deprived people. 


The pharmacological effect of Modafinil and Coffee interaction causes the following outcomes in the human body.

Increase norepinephrine production-

Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter associated with wakefulness. People who suffer from norepinephrine deficit can fall asleep much faster. The intake of Modafinil and coffee at the office will help break through your monotonous routine and promote wakefulness [4]. 

Modafinil and coffee have different pharmacokinetic properties, leading to varying durations of enhanced cognition-

Modafinil alone can help you stay awake for 12 to 16 hours. In contrast, the half-life of caffeine by the FDA is stated to be 4 to 6 hours. The peak plasma concentration of coffee and Modafinil occurs within 30 to 60 minutes and 2 to 4 hours, respectively, after their administration. So, when taken together, they help people stay active for much longer [5]. 

Modafinil and Coffee increase BDNF expression-

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a neuroprotein that helps achieve numerous mental health benefits [6]. 

  • It contributes toward faster learning and improved memory

  • It lowers the risk of contracting neurodegenerative diseases.

  • It encourages the growth of neurons.


Can You Take Modafinil With Caffeine? 




The use of coffee and Modafinil is advisable to achieve an unbeatable energy level, making it a perfect choice for most office workers. Even though the interaction between the two is considered safe, it is essential to be cautious as they are both powerful brain stimulants. 

For maximum productivity and energy level at work-

We recommend 200mg of Modafinil and 2 cups of coffee (200mg of caffeine). However, do not practice this more than 1 to 2 times weekly. This dosage is considered the upper limit for achieving the benefits of both brain stimulants. However, beginners are not advised to mix Modafinil with caffeine without consulting a physician [7]. 

A study concludes that 200mg of Modafinil and Caffeine provides users with the same level of alertness. People should start with low doses of both stimulants. An ideal way to start with taking Modafinil and Caffeine together is - 

  • 1 cup of coffee + 50mg of Modafinil

  • 1 cup of Coffee + 100mg of Modafinil

  • 1 cup of coffee + 200mg of Modafinil

  • 2 cups of coffee + 200mg of Modafinil

This combination will not suit all alike, and therefore, keep gradually ramping the Nootropics before you find the combination that works for you. However, remember not to take more than one pill of Modafinil 200mg in a day. 

Irrespective of the dose of the stimulants that suits you the best, make sure to sip into your coffee very slowly. This will help you avoid overstimulating yourself. 


It is, however, essential to note that Modafinil-induced anxiety disorder may result in people taking this Nootropic with Coffee. So, mixing them together should be done with caution. 

How To Safely Mix Caffeine And Modafinil At Work?

The interaction between Modafinil and caffeine is safe, with no signs of severe adverse effects in users. However, improper dosage and administration may lower its benefits and also increase the chances of experiencing side effects. 




Soma users taking Modafinil and Coffee together complain of feeling jittery. Therefore, it is best to start with lower amounts of coffee. 

An experimental protocol developed by studies on test subjects showcases increased productivity and work output by 50 to 60%. The sequence and timing of dosing are mentioned below. 

  • Take your Modafinil dosage early, around 7 to 8 a.m., but not past 10 a.m.

  •  Ensure that you take your first meal around the same time you take Modafinil since its appetite-suppressing effects may affect your diet and prevent you from getting adequate daily nutrients.

  • Drink your coffee 1 to 2 hours after you have taken your Nootropic, and ensure to sip it slowly. Caffeine intake past noon is not advisable as its wakefulness-promoting effects, and Modafinil can cause insomnia [7]. 


Benefits Of Modafinil And Coffee Interactions




By now, you must have a better picture of how the interactions between Modafinil and Caffeine can affect your body and brain. But are there any beneficial outcomes from this interaction? Listed below are a few advantages of mixing Modafinil and coffee.


Coffee and Modafinil help reduce fatigue in Sleep deprived patients-

 A study examining Modafinil and Caffeine in sleep-deprived people showed they are equally effective in restoring wakefulness [8]. 


Fatigue, one of the key concerns of office workers, can now be a thing of the past with a dose of Modafinil and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Sounds exhilarating, doesn't it? So, give it a try.

If you are wondering where can you buy Modafinil in the USA, we have you covered. Healthnaturo retails the brand version of Modafinil and lets you buy Modalert with US-to-US delivery in 5 days at affordable prices. 

Modafinil and caffeine enhance emotional judgment and perception-

A study in 2009 evaluated the effect of Modafinil on a person's emotional perception and judgment. The combination of caffeine and Modafinil can overcome deficits in vigilance due to sleep loss [9]. 

Modafinil and coffee can alleviate pain sensitivity-

Boston’s Children's Hospital used stimulants instead of analgesics to reduce the severity of pain in sleep-deprived mice. The outcomes were unexpected and introduced a new implication of Modafinil for pain management [10]. 

The study concluded that popular analgesics such as ibuprofen and morphine were unable to block pain induced by sleep deprivation. In contrast, Modafinil and Caffeine were successful in blocking the pain hypersensitivity arising from acute and chronic sleep loss. However, it showed no improvement in non-sleep-deprived mice. 

Mixing Modafinil with Caffeine can improve complex decision-making-

Some evidence indicates the ability of Modafinil and caffeine to enhance a person's decision-making ability. A study using 400mg of caffeine and Modafinil, respectively, to examine their effects on the performance of chess players. The study concludes that mixing coffee and Nootropics can help make decisions with considerable reflection [11]. 

Caffeine and Modafinil for shift workers-

Shift work may be a common reason for altering the sleep cycle in people. A study assessed Modafinil and Caffeine's treatment efficacy in continuous military operations with disrupted sleep cycles. 

The study concludes that Caffeine and Modafinil interactions can effectively improve shift work performance [12]. 

Caffeine or Modafinil treatment improves physiological consequences-

Sleep disruption can affect the physiological functioning of a person. A study on Caffeine and Modafinil's effect on sleep-deprived people's physiological activity showed improved results [13]. 

Caffeine or Modafinil treatment can manage depressive behavior-

The American Institute of Stress reports that 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress [14]. Studies indicate a positive effect of caffeine on depressive disorder in an animal model. It helps to alleviate depression behavior and memory dysfunction during stress. Human trials also show significant improvement in managing signs of depression with Modafinil treatment [13]. This increasingly raises the use of Modafinil and Coffee at workplaces.


The negative impact of Mixing Modafinil with Caffeine 

Can you take Modafinil with caffeine without experiencing any signs of adverse effects? Sadly, the answer to the question is “NO.”  Each of us reacts differently to a compound; thus, what might work for one may not show similar results in others. So, the chances of encountering side effects from Modafinil and Caffeine are slim but not negligible. 

Administration of higher doses of Modafinil with coffee frequently can increase the chances of experiencing severe side effects. 



Modafinil headaches are one of the common side effects of the Nootropic. However, Coffee also causes headaches due to its inability to constrict the blood vessels in the brain. People can optimize their lifestyles to improve their condition.  


Dehydrated Eyes & Mouth-

Coffee and Modafinil are diuretics that eliminate the body’s salt and water to cause dehydration. Beginners often experience dehydration in the form of dry mouth or eyes. So, such people should drink enough water all through the day. People and workers combining coffee and Modafinil should drink 2 to 4 liters of water a day to counteract the diuretic effect.  


Higher Blood Pressure-

Studies show that using Modafinil and Caffeine can elevate the blood pressure level of the user. Thus, their interaction can spike your BP even higher than their individual effects. However, this condition persists in patients with cardiovascular problems. Therefore, normal, healthy people can take these stimulants without any worry. 



Modafinil and caffeine administration simultaneously may increase the chances of stress, jitteriness, and anxiety. In such cases, reducing the doses of both stimulants may be helpful.

Several users suggest adding a third Nootropic or stimulant to the mix named L-theanine. This compound can counteract the adverse effects of Caffeine while improving the person's cognitive ability. 


Clinical Studies On The Effect Of Mixing Modafinil And Caffeine

A study documenting the effectiveness of Modafinil and Caffeine alone and in conjugation was performed, indicating that the use of Modafinil 200mg can elevate performance and alertness for 37 hours taken alone or combined with caffeine. 

The study also suggested that mixing Modafinil with Caffeine didn't potentially increase the chances of side effects, and no changes were monitored in their vital reading [14]. 

Another study performed on sleep-deprived mice demonstrated the use of coffee, and Modafinil helps in improving mood and also restores inflammatory changes during sleep deprivation [15]. 

User Testimonials On Modafinil And Caffeine Interaction

Now that we have an outline of the consequences of taking Modafinil with Coffee let us have a look into anecdotal experiences of people taking them together. 






Coffee And Modafinil - Our Final Verdict 

Modafinil and Caffeine can significantly boost your lost energy and can also help enhance performance and alertness in night shift workers. Studies indicate that taking Coffee with Nootropics concomitantly can also improve signs of stress and anxiety at work.  

You can keep the adverse effects at bay by taking these stimulants at the right time and dosage.

If you are looking forward to brightening up your mundane work life, start by adding the goodness of Modafinil and Caffeine to your life for better productivity. 


Yes, the intake of Nootropics with Coffee is safe with no signs of severe adverse effects.

Yes, several Nootropics contain caffeine in their formulation. Some of the popular Nootropics with caffeine are Phoenix Energy Shot (280mg caffeine), Noocaf Smart Coffee (160mg caffeine), Optimind (150mg caffeine), Bio Energy (100mg caffeine), Brainergy (200mg caffeine), and Nooflux Flow (84mg caffeine). Apart from the ones listed here, there are several other Nootropics with caffeine.

Yes, Modafinil is stronger than coffee. A dose of Modafinil is about as strong as 600mg of caffeine. Also, the half-life of coffee is about 6 hours, whereas that of Modafinil is 15 hours. Thus, Modafinil's action and efficacy last much longer than coffee.

Caffeine with Modafinil can increase the severity of side effects of the Nootropic. To avoid this, refrain from drinking large amounts of beverages with coffee, non-prescription products containing caffeine, and chocolates.

If you want enhanced cognition, energy level, and improved sleep disorders, then using Modafinil is a much better choice than coffee. However, people struggling with occasional fatigue and sleepiness can first try coffee.

Mixing caffeine with sleeping pills can worsen the sleep cycle of a person. The stimulating property of caffeine may hamper the medication's sedative effects.


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