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How long does Tapentadol stay in your system?

How long does Tapentadol stay in your system?


How long does nucynta stay in your system largely depends on the half-life of Tapentadol. The half-life of Nucynta is 3.94 to 4 hours, whereas that of Nucynta ER is 4.4 to 5.9 hours. Tapentadol stays for 22 hours after administration and begins to act within 30 minutes of intake. 
Nucynta shows on a urine test if conducted within a few days from the last dosage taken. 



Wondering how long does Tapentadol stay in your system? We have answers for you.

Tapentadol is a prescribed pain medication helping to ease out moderate to severe body pain. With a dual mechanism of action, it is considered one of the most effective and safest analgesics on the market.  

Tapentadol is marked under the brand name Nucynta and is an opioid analgesic, thus raising lingering questions on the use and action of the analgesic. This blog answers some of the most commonly asked questions to help you get a better understanding of the use and mechanism of Tapentadol.

  • How long does nucynta stay in your system?
  • How long does nucynta stay in urine?
  • Will nucynta show on a urine test?
  • How long does nucynta er stay in your system?


How Long Does Nucynta Stay In Your System? | An Overview


how long does nucynta stay in your system


Tapentadol 100mg or the orange pill for pain works by acting on the person's central nervous system. The duration of time Tapentadol stays in the system may vary in people. The primary factor that contributes to the time needed by the body to eliminate the Tapentadol compound is its half-life. 

The half-life of Tapentadol is approximately 3.93 hours [1]. A medication's half-life is the time it takes for its effectiveness to be cut in half after a person stops taking his last dose. This time is vital in determining how long Tapentadol stays in your system.

Based on the half-life of the medication, Tapentadol stays in your system for about 22 hours, which may differ based on numerous health factors. 


How long does Nucynta stay in your urine?

How long Nucynta stays in your urine may depend on the renal system of the human body. From normal dosing, one can detect the presence of the muscle relaxer for 3 to 4 days [2]. It may, however, last for a longer period in people with renal (kidney) disorders. 


How long does Tapentadol stay in the hair?

The hair retains Tapentadol for the most prolonged period. It depends on the time taken by the analgesic to reach the hair follicle of the user. The presence of Nucynta in the hair can last up to 90 days from the last intake of the Tapentadol dosage [3].


Factors That Influence How Long Tapentadol Stays In Your System

The factors that affect how long Tapentadol stays in your system include-

Body Mass-

People with higher body mass store the drug in the fat molecule. 


Metabolic rate -

Like most medications, Tapentadol is metabolized in the liver. People with a liver disorder or slower metabolism take longer to break down the drug, thus slowing down the potency of the analgesic. 



Clinical studies show that there can be about a 30% reduction of liver activity in elderly people, thus slowing down the metabolic activity of the person. 



Long-term use of medication can build tolerance, meaning that the body gets used to the medication and thus does not show an effective result from its use. Such people often are recommended a higher dose of Tapentadol, thus taking longer for the body to eliminate the compound. 


Tapentadol prescription usage

Tapentadol 100mg is a prescription medication approved by the FDA for treating acute and chronic pain. This pain medication helps to treat moderate to severe body pain. The correct analgesic use is also very effective in helping prevent the long-term side effects of Tapentadol. Thus, people taking Nucynta opioid medication can follow these tips for a better result-

  • The use of the analgesic is not for pregnant and lactating women.
  • The Tapentadol pain medication is an oral pill, so take it by mouth.
  • People over 65 years and below 17 years should avoid taking this opioid medication without consulting a doctor.
  • People with kidney, liver, and heart disorders should refrain from using the analgesic without consulting a doctor.
  • Food intake before taking the dose affects how many hours Tapentadol lasts in the body. Thus, one should avoid heavy meals before taking the Tapentadol dosage.​


Can Nucynta Dosage Determine How Long Tapentadol Stays In Your System?  

The dosage of Nucynta is very effective in deciding how long Tapentadol stays in your system. A high dose of the analgesic will take longer to get eliminated from the body. Thus the strength and the number of pills taken play a crucial role in determining how many hours Tapentadol lasts. 

The initial dose of the analgesic for beginners is 50mg; however, the standard dose is Tapentadol 100mg. Clinical studies show it has a high tolerance; thus, the long-term use of Tapentadol is considered safe. The key factors to consider while taking Tapentadol dosage are-

  • Do not take Tapentadol ER more than twice a day.
  • One can take Tapentadol IR three to four times a day.
  • The administration of Tapentadol with alcohol is not advisable.
  • Taking other medication with Tapentadol is not advisable as it can lower its potency by causing drug interactions.
  • Doctors do not recommend the long-term use of Tapentadol. One can take this pain medication for three weeks continuously.


Physician's Views On How Long Does Nucynta Last? 

The time taken by the body to eliminate Tapentadol and its metabolite from the system may vary in people. According to Dr.K.S.Dastoor, it takes 8 to 10 hours for the body with no kidney or renal impairment to excrete Tapentadol from the system. 

"The metabolites of Tapentadol can, however, be identified in the body for at least 3 to 5 days. It is, however, generally not included in most drug tests." says a doctor on the website JustAnswer [4]. 


How Long Does Nucynta ER Stay In Your System?

The Nucynta ER is the extended-release formulation of Tapentadol that has a longer half-life and helps in treating chronic body pain. The mean terminal half-life of Nucynta ER is 4.4 to 5.9. On average, after an oral administration, the half-life of Nucynta ER is 5 hours. 

About 97% of the compound is metabolized, of which 70% is excreted as urine. The total rate of Nucynta ER clearance is 1603 +/-227 mL/min [5].

Thus, it takes 24 to 48 hours for Nucynta ER to leave the human body. 


Will Nucynta Show Up On A Drug Test?

Several drug tests confirm the presence of Tapentadol in the body. The low Tapentadol price and its low chances of side effects are common reasons people take it without consulting a doctor. The accuracy of the test depends on the time gap between your last dose and the test. So, if you are taking the analgesic, it is best to discontinue the analgesic intake a few days before the test.


Will Nucynta Show On A Urine Test?

Tapentadol will show up in urine tests. The drug test administrator should be informed if you are taking and have recently taken the Tapentadol dosage. 
Nucynta can be detected in the urine for 3 to 4 days from the last administered dosage. 


Tapentadol And Metabolite Urine Quantitative Test 

The detection of Tapentadol in urine is often performed by numerous methods. This urine screen test is approved by the department of health, New York [6]. 

  • Drug Test: Tapentadol Urine Screen
  • Methodology: Quantitative Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  • Reported: 1-8 days
  • Specimen Required: About 2ml of the urine sample 

The cut-off concentration to be tested positive for Tapentadol is:



Cut-Off Concentration 


50 ng/mL

Tapentadol glucuronide

100 ng/mL


100 ng/mL

N-desmethyl tapentadol 

100 ng/mL


Cut-off concentration refers to the minimum concentration of a drug that should be present to be considered positive [7]. 


Does Nucynta Show Up On A 12-Panel Drug Test?

Tapentadol is not tested in the 12-panel drug screen, but it does test the presence of other opioid analgesics in the system, such as Methadone, Opiates, and Oxycodone. It can, however, produce false positives if taken in higher doses. However, a study indicates that the use of Tapentadol up to 600mg per day does not produce false positives on the drug test [8]. 


Tapentadol Warnings


Tapentadol warnings


The use of Tapentadol is safe and is not associated with severe adverse effects. Following dosing guidance and warnings, you can estimate how many hours Nucynta lasts. Tapentadol 100mg warnings showcase that overdosing on this pain medication can lead to long-term side effects. Some of the critical Tapentadol warnings to take into consideration while taking analgesic are-

  • Tapentadol 100mg might be habit-forming. 

  • Long-term side effects of Tapentadol occur if the analgesic is taken for more than three weeks continuously.

  • Sudden discontinuation of Tapentadol can cause withdrawal symptoms in the user.

  • Tapentadol abuse can cause severe side effects and dependency in people. 


Tapenatdol can be detected in urine, blood, saliva, and hair samples. It can stay in the blood for 24 hours, 3 to 4 days in urine, a few hours in the saliva, and about 90 days in the hair.

Yes, the presence of Tapenatdol shows up on a urine drug screen test if conducted within 3 to 4 days from the last dosage. 


The effect of Tapentadol 100 mg lasts for 4 to 6 hours. 

Tapenatdol can produce a false-positive result for methadone in urine drug screening tests. However, it is not prevalent and occurs in a few immunoassays.  

UA indicates urine amphetamine screen tests. Clinical studies show that taking a dose of up to 600mg does not produce a false positive for UA. 


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