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Robaxin Vs Soma: Choosing the Best Pain Treatment

Robaxin Vs Soma: Choosing the Best Pain Treatment


Soma pill is a better choice of muscle relaxer than Robaxin due to its efficacy, duration of action, user review, and affordability. Robaxin, on the other hand, is advisable to people taking other treatment options due to its lower risk of drug interaction. 



Most people suffering from body pain wonder which among Soma vs Robaxin is a better choice of muscle relaxer. 

Suffering from body pain makes it very difficult to work and function well. The most commonly prescribed muscle relaxers are Carisoprodol (Soma pill) and Methocarbamol (Robaxin). While both of these muscle relaxers are effective in helping relieve body pain, they differ in their effectiveness, working mechanism, and health risks. 

So, this Robaxin vs. Soma guide takes an in-depth look at both muscle relaxers to help you understand their similarities and differences. 


Robaxin Vs Soma: Similarities 

Soma pill, the brand drug of Carisoprodol, is an effective treatment option for short-term acute pain [1]. It is a muscle relaxant that provides relief from pain by preventing the pain signals from reaching the brain's receptors. 

Methocarbamol is available under the brand Robaxin and is prescribed for treating short-term musculoskeletal pain. It is available as both a generic and brand drug [2]. 

The similarities between the Soma pill and Robaxin are listed in the table below. 



Soma Pill 


FDA approval

Yes, In 1959. 

Yes, In 1957. 

Legal Requirements or status

US: Schedule IV prescription drug.

Canada- Over the Counter.

UK- Prescription drug.

USA- Prescription Drug.

Class of drug

Skeletal muscle relaxant.

Skeletal muscle relaxant.


Differences between Soma and Robaxin 

The notable differences between the Soma pill and Robaxin include: 

Brand Name 

Carisoprodol is available under the brand name Soma pill, Prosoma, Carisoma, and Pain o Soma. Meanwhile, Methocarbamol is retailed under the names Robaxin and Marbaxin.


Soma pill is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, Robaxin is manufactured by Pfizer.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of the Soma pill takes place in the liver. It is metabolized to meprobamate, which is its primary metabolite. The Soma pill is a centrally-acting muscle relaxant that works by altering the activity between the spinal cord and the brain [3].

The working mechanism of Robaxin depends on its activity in the central nervous system. It works by relaxing the muscles in the body. Robaxin blocks the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract, which helps reduce muscle spasms and stiffness.

Uses And Benefits

Robaxin is used to treat muscle spasms [4]. It has limited use for treating cerebral palsy and rheumatoid arthritis. Robaxin for acute low back pain showed that 44% of the individuals experienced complete pain relief [5]. 

On the other hand, the Soma pill effectively relaxes muscles after an injury, sprain, or strain [1]. The use of Soma for menstrual cramps, lower back pain, migraines, and fibromyalgia is also effective. 

Its potency in treating lower back pain was established in a 1972 clinical study where it was compared with butabarbital and placebo. The study indicates that the Soma pill showed significant improvement in managing lower back pain compared to others [6]. 

Duration Of Action

The Soma pill's effects last 4 to 6 hours [7]. In comparison, the effect of Robaxin may last up to 4 to 5 hours. 


Carisoprodol Vs Methocarbamol Dosage Guidelines 

Taking the correct dosage is essential to getting the best benefit from the muscle relaxant and avoiding all potential side effects. 

Soma pill Dosage

The Soma pill has two strengths: Soma 350 mg and Soma 500mg. 

Beginners are prescribed Soma 350 mg, which can be increased to 500 mg depending on the condition and the severity of the pain. 

  • The maximum Soma dosage is 1400 mg a day.

  • Number of Soma doses in a day- 3 to 4 pills (thrice in the daytime and once before bedtime). 

  • Dosage Gap- 5 to 6 hours. 

Robaxin Dosage Guidelines

Robaxin has three strengths: 500mg, 750 mg, and 1000mg. 

Beginners should start with a lower dose of the muscle relaxer, such as 500mg or 750mg. 

  • Maximum Dosage- 6000 mg per day for the first 48 to 72 hours. This can be followed by 8g per day (8000 mg) in the following days for severe pain [8]. 

  • Number of doses in a day- 4 times a day. 

  • Dosage Gap- 6 hours. 


Soma And Robaxin- Potential For Abuse

A study by Charles Dillon suggests muscle relaxant use in America is approximately 2 million [36]. This prevalent use potentially increases the risk of misuse, thus leading to Soma and Robaxin dependency. 

Robaxin Abuse Potential

A clinical trial by a team headed by K L Preston from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine suggests that Robaxin has a lower risk of abuse. 

  • People with a history of substance abuse are more likely to misuse the muscle relaxer [9].

  • Taking Robaxin with alcohol can cause dependency and increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects [10]. 

Symptoms of Robaxin addiction and abuse [11]: 

  • Taking larger doses than prescribed.

  • Recreationally taking the Robaxin dosage.

  • Visiting multiple doctors for prescriptions. 

  • Having cravings for Robaxin. 

  • Withdrawal from friends and family. 

Abuse Potential Of Soma Pill 

Soma pill is a schedule IV controlled substance and thus has a lower potency for abuse and dependency. However, the Dallas DEA Field Division states that Carisoprodol is one of its region's six most commonly abused medicines. 

So, what makes Soma addictive?

Most people abuse the Soma pill for its sedative, euphoric, and relaxing effects. Meprobamate, the primary metabolite of Carisoprodol, is proven to have habit-forming effects similar to benzodiazepines. 

Signs of Soma abuse include-

  • Flushing of skin.

  • Insomnia

  • Seizure

  • Impaired physical Coordination.

  • Palpitation or rapid heart rate.

  • Appearance of being drunk or Euphoria.

  • Dizziness 


A Comparison Of Their User Review 

The Medical Review Board on Drugs.com gives Soma Pill a rating of 9.2 out of 10. 

  • 92% of the reviews suggest experiencing a positive effect from the muscle relaxer.

  • 5% report a negative experience [12]. 

On the other hand, Robaxin has an average rating of 6.2 out of 10 on the same website, based on 71 reviews. 

  • About 53% of people report experiencing a positive benefit.

  • On the other hand, 31% reported experiencing a negative effect [13]. 

According to WebMD, the Soma pill has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on its effectiveness, satisfaction, and ease of use. In contrast, Robaxin has a rating of 3.4 [14,15]. 


Soma vs. Robaxin: Cost Comparison

The FDA approves the clinical use of both the Soma pill and Robaxin; thus, most Medicare plans and health insurance cover the cost of these muscle relaxers. 

  • Robaxin 750 mg for 20 tablets is $80, which is $4.04 per pill [16]. 

  • The cost of Soma 500 mg is $298 for 400 pills, making it $0.7 per pill at HealthNaturo. 

The price of both muscle relaxers, however, may vary depending on the pharmacy, available discounts, and pill package. 


Preventive Measures And Warnings

  • The long-term use of both Soma and Robaxin should be done under the supervision of a physician. 

  • Do not use these muscle relaxers if you are allergic to any of the compounds present in their formulations. 

  • Robaxin and Soma pills can cause dizziness or drowsiness, making driving or using heavy machinery unsafe. 

  • Mixing alcohol with Soma and Robaxin can cause CNS depression. 

  • Muscle relaxers can affect the heart, causing palpitation; thus, they should be administered after consulting a doctor.

  • Avoid taking these muscle relaxers if you have kidney or liver disorders. 

  • Pregnant and lactating women are advised not to take Robaxin and Soma pills without consulting a physician. 

  • Older adults over 65 are more likely to suffer side effects from these pain medications. 


Side Effects Of Soma And Robaxin

Along with the beneficial effects of these muscle relaxers, they can also result in adverse effects under certain conditions. Health conditions, improper dosing, and administration often result in side effects. 


Soma pill Side Effects 

Robaxin Side Effects 


Stomach Upset

Upset Stomach

Blurred Vision












Stuffy Nose






Long-Term Effects Of Soma And Robaxin Use

The long-term use of Robaxin can cause suicidal thoughts. A study suggests that Robaxin can be taken at 10 mg/kg for a prolonged period. 

The long-term use of the Soma pill is also not recommended. It can result in abuse and addiction if taken over three continuous weeks. 


Drug Interaction Of Soma And Robaxin

Co-administering Soma and Robaxin with other medications can cause drug interactions that may lower the effectiveness of the medicine. It also increases the risk of side effects. 

Soma Drug Interaction 

The Soma pill can interact with 350 medications, causing 27 major, 322 moderate, and 1 minor health issues. Some of the medications that are not advised to be taken with the Soma pill are listed below.  

  • Oxycodone

  • Methadone

  • Buprenorphine

  • Promethazine

  • Vicodin

  • Hydrocodone

  • Gabapentin

  • Omeprazole

Robaxin Drug Interaction

About 328 medications are known to interact with Robaxin. Some of the common interactions of Methocarbamol are listed below. 

  • Acetophenazine

  • Perampanel

  • Rotigotine

  • Pyridostigmine

  • Lofexidine

  • Naltrexone

  • Opioids (Oxycodone, Methadone, Hydrocodone, acetaminophen)

  • Benzodiazepines

Can You Take Robaxin And Soma Together?

Taking the Soma pill with Robxin can result in moderate drug interaction. Combining them can cause drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and confusion. 

Elderly people taking Robaxin with the Soma pill may experience impaired judgment-making, thinking ability, and motor coordination. 


Is Methocarbamol The Same As Soma- Our Final Thought

Soma pill and Robaxin are two effective muscle relaxers that the FDA approves for treating short-term skeletomuscular pain. They exhibit a similar onset time (30 minutes) for their therapeutic actions. 

A 2004 systematic review suggests that the Soma pill is comparatively more effective for treating acute back pain than a placebo, whereas Robaxin has very limited or inconsistent data. 

Both Soma (Carisoprodol) and Robaxin (Methocarbamol) have numerous similarities as they belong to the same drug class (muscle relaxants). However, their pricing, effectiveness, user ratings, and clinical benefits differ.  

In our opinion, the Soma pill is a better choice for a muscle relaxer if you are on a budget or looking for an option that treats a wide range of pain. People with a history of abuse or more likely to experience dependency should take Robaxin.



Content Disclaimer

It is important to note that our conclusion on the Soma vs. Robaxin comparison is based on analyzing the factors we have considered in this blog. 

Depending on your health and other medical factors, your physician’s option on the right muscle relaxer between the two may vary from us. Thus, we encourage you to consult a healthcare professional before taking either Robaxin or the Soma pill. 



Soma pill can be a better analgesic choice over Robaxin as it is more effective and affordable. However, people also may take Fexmid and Amrix as they need to be administered once a day.

Soma pill and Robaxin are both muscle relaxers and thus work similarly. However, Soma is known to cause sedation and a feeling of euphoria, which is not experienced while taking Robaxin.

Robaxin ( Methocarbamol) and Soma pill (Carisoprodol) may differ in dosage, cost, effectiveness, user review, and abuse potential. 

  • Soma pill is available as oral tablets, whereas Robaxin is available as injections and tablets. 

  • The cost of the Soma pill is cheaper than Robaxin.

  • The analgesic effect of the Soma pill last longer than Robaxin. 

  • Soma pill has a better and higher rating than Robaxin. 

  • The abuse potential of the Soma pill is higher. 

Some effective alternatives for Robaxin are the Soma pill, Zanaflex, and Cyclobenzaprine.

Some potential Carisoprodol (Soma) alternatives are Diazepam, Baclofen, Robaxin, and Valium.

Even though Robaxin 500mg may work similarly to Soma 500 mg, they may differ in the time of action and abuse potential. Soma 500mg will work longer compared to Robaxin however it also has a higher risk of abuse.

Soma and Robaxin should be taken together as they are both muscle relaxers with similar mechanisms of action. Taking them together may increase the risk of experiencing side effects.

Both Soma pills and Robaxin are prescription drugs and unavailable over the counter. However, Robaxin is sold as an OTC drug in Canada.

Both Soma and Robaxin muscle relaxers are effective analgesics that help treat short-term acute pain in 30 minutes. The action of the Soma pill however lasts longer than Robaxin and is also available at an affordable price.


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