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Modalert vs. Waklert - A Complete Comparison Guide In 2022

Modalert vs. Waklert - A Complete Comparison Guide In 2022


The Modalert vs. Waklert comparative study evaluates the similarities and differences between the two popular Nootropics. Though they both begin to act within 30 minutes of intake, Modalert 200mg is a better option for people on a budget, whereas Waklert 150mg suits people looking for higher potency. 



Waklert vs Modalert- Are you curious to know which one is the right Nootropic option for you? Worry no more; we have you covered. 

Modalert and Waklert are two very potent and popular Nootropics. They are the brand names of the generic Modafinil and Armodafinil, respectively. However, many users face difficulty choosing the correct medication as they lack information. Moreover, both drugs belong to the same family. Although their primary functions are similar, both the Nootropics have numerous differences in their attributes. This blog will discuss Modalert vs. Waklert by comparing these two smart drugs.


Modalert Vs Waklert- An Overview

Modalert is a Modafinil brand that is approved by the FDA for treating excessive daytime sleepiness. Waklert 150 mg is an Armodafinil brand name and an FDA-approved Nootropic prescribed for Narcolepsy. Waklert 150 mg and Modalert 200 mg have similarities listed below. 


For cognition

Both the Nootropics play a vital role in helping improve the person's brain activity. It enhances the memory, creativity, and concentration of the person. In addition, it is also very potent in enhancing the thinking and decision-making ability of the user.

For fatigue

Studies show that the use of Nootropics Modalert 200mg and Waklert 150mg are very effective in boosting the lost energy of the person. Employees often take it for work fatigue.

For excessive daytime sleepiness.

It is a condition where the person suffers from involuntary sleepiness in the daytime. Both the Modalert vs. Waklert dosages act on the person's brain, thus helping to release hormones that promote wakefulness and alertness in the user.

Narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea

These sleep disorders make a person unable to fall asleep or disrupt sleep during the nighttime. In this regard, these Nootropics help restore the natural sleep cycle and improve the sleep pattern.

Off-label use

Some off-label uses of Waklert and Modalert are ADHD, fatigue, weight loss, mood disorders, jet lag, depression, and schizophrenia. [1]

Onset of action

The onset of action for both the Nootropic is 30 minutes. 


Differences Between Modalert And Waklert


Modalert vs Waklert


Now that we are aware of the similarities, it is time for us to look into their differences. Their distinctions help establish a clear winner in this debate of higher effectiveness and potency of Modalert vs Waklert drug comparison.

A few notable Modalert 200mg vs. Waklert 150mg differences between the two Nootropics are listed below. 


Modalert 200mg vs. Waklert 150mg differences-



Modalert 200mg

Waklert 150mg

Active compound




Per Pill $1.4

Per Pill $1.9


The Standard Modalert dose is 200mg per day.

Waklert 150mg per day

Effect hours

12 to 14 hours

About 14 hours

Pregnancy category

Modalert Pregnancy category is C 

Pregnancy category C

Elimination half-life

Armodafinil – 15 hours and Esmodafinil- 4 hours

12–15 hours


Modalert 200mg Vs Waklert 150mg- Dosage And Administration




The proper dosage is essential to ensure to achieve the benefits of the Nootropics. When we talk about the Waklert and Modalert dosages, they do not exhibit significant differences. However, the correct administration of the Nootropics drugs ensures a lower possibility of side effects from the two mentioned smart drugs.


Dosing guidance



Maximum dose



Recommended dosage per day

One pill 

One pill

Time of dosage

In the morning

Early morning

Form of dosage

As a whole, without breaking or crushing

Best to be taken as a whole

Route of administration

Orally by mouth

To be taken orally

Intake of Food

It can be taken with a light meal

Intake of a light meal is advised.


The other dosing information to consider before taking Waklert or Modalert Nootropics are-

  • The intake of alcohol is not advisable with Modalert, and Waklert is not advisable. As such, interactions can cause dizziness and drowsiness in the user.
  • Do not administer other medications with these Nootropics. Such practices can cause drug interactions that can lower the efficacy and potency of smart drugs. It also elevates the chances of experiencing side effects.


Waklert Vs Modalert- Side Effect



There are few known side effects of both Modalert and Waklert. But those are not experienced by all the users. Waklert and Modalert abuse can be a common cause for the appearance of side effects. In recent timesArmodafinil and Modafinil snorting, including its brand versions such as Modalert and Waklert, has seen a potential rise. 


Side effects of Waklert include-

  • Dizziness

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Trouble sleeping.

Some Modalert side effects include hair loss, back pain, trouble sleeping, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, anxiety, dizziness, etc.

When we compare Modalert vs. Waklert, it is essential to know that all medicines take time to get adjusted to the users’ bodies. So, one might experience issues in the beginning. But later, your body will adapt. If the side effects are there for extended periods, then you should contact the doctor. Insomnia is a common side effect of both drugs. Nootropics keep a person active for 12 to 15 hours. So, it is advisable not to take the Nootropic at night. Some rare but strong common side effects of Modalert and Waklert are as follows;


Some rare but strong common side effects of Modalert and Waklert are as follows-

  • Allergic reactions involving the liver or blood cells

  • Trouble swallowing

  • Swelling of the lips, legs, throat, mouth, or tongue

  • Serious rash

  • Blistering and peeling of the skin

  • Mouth Sores

  • Dark urine

  • Hives

  • Fever

  • Yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes

  • Shortness of Breath


Modalert vs. Waklert: User reviews

Testimonials and reviews on Modalert 200mg vs. Waklert 150mg depict the benefits and advantages of the Nootropics. The Nootropic reviews from the website Drugs are a narrative of the two popular Nootropics user experiences.

The Modafinil review on the website drugs has a rating of 7.2 out of 10, with 64% of users reporting experiencing a positive benefit. 

Modafinil Review


On the contrary, Armodafinil (Waklert) reviews on the same website have a rating of 7.3, with 64 percent of the people claiming to receive a positive effect from the Nootropic.

Armodafinil review

The user view of the two Nootropics shows similar ratings, thus indicating the similarities in their uses and benefits. 

Interested in more similar Modafinil (Modalert) comparisons? You can check out our blog on Modafinil vs Adrafinil here. 


Modalert showcases a higher potency over Waklert. It acts faster, and the time of action of Modalert 200mg is much higher than that of Waklert. People under a budget can choose Modalert dosage as it is available at a much more affordable price at Healthnaturo. The cost of Modalert is $ 1.60. Overall, both Nootropics contribute similar benefits and mechanisms of action, thus helping people enjoy their prescription and off-label uses.



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