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Brand Name Modalert
Generic Name Modafinil
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Active compound Modafinil
Indication Oral pill
Form Tablet
Best Price


Modalert (Sun Pharmaceuticals)

Modalert is a novel wake-promoting agent manufactured and marketed by Sun Pharmaceuticals. It is one of the brand names for Modafinil and is considered the best Nootropic by researchers at Harvard and Oxford universities. Modafinil is a well-tolerated Nootropic making it a safer choice in the market. HealthNaturo brings affordable and reliable medications to your doorstep with free shipping and discounted prices. Our customers can buy Modalert online and get free pills on their first order.

Composition of Modalert

Each tablet of Modalert 200mg pill contains the following chemical compounds-


Active Compound



List of excipients

Lactose Monohydrate


Microcrystalline Cellulose


Pregelatinized Starch


Povidone (K-30)


Croscarmellose Sodium


Magnesium Stearate



The total weight of the Modalert 200mg pill is about 500mg. The hardness of each tablet is 7 to 21 kp with a thickness of 0.219 inches.

Key benefits of Modalert

FDA approves the use of Modalert as a potential adjunctive therapy for treating excessive daytime sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea and Narcolepsy.

Research, however, identifies several additional subjective benefits of the Nootropic. The use of Modalert significantly improves brain functioning and focusing ability, thus enhancing people's memory, creativity, and concentration.

Students and Night Shift workers use Modalert to score better grades and stay productive in their respective fields. Furthermore, treatment with Modalert in patients with multiple sclerosis improves fatigue and tiredness.


Clinical studies validating the impact of Modafinil on Cognition

  • Studies on sleep-deprived individuals conducted by the University of Oxford have shown a positive effect of the use of Modafinil on the alertness and focus of the user.
  • European College of Neuropsychopharmacology states that Modafinil enhances the brain activity of the person independent of its known benefits on sleep disorders in people.

How Does It Work?

Modalert has a wake-promoting action similar to the sympathomimetic agent (it is responsible for the body's alertness). However, they differ in their pharmacologic profile. The activity of the Nootropic is associated with increasing the level of dopamine and histamine in the body. These hormones alter the brain's chemical functioning, which can directly or indirectly impact the wake-sleep cycle and mood of the person.

Absorption of Modalert in the body

The Nootropic is readily absorbed in the body. It takes 2 to 4 hours to reach the peak plasma concentration.

Metabolism and Elimination

The primary metabolism of Modalert in the body is in the liver, with subsequent elimination by the kidney. Less than 10% of the administered Modalert dose is excreted as the generic compound (Modafinil). FDA states that 80% of the elimination of the Nootropic is through urine while 1% is in the feces.

Modalert dosage information

The standard dose of Modalert is 200mg in adults for treating Narcolepsy, Obstructive sleep apnea, and Shift work sleep disorder.

The recommended time for the intake of the Nootropic is in the morning. Administering it later in the day can affect the person's normal sleep cycle, which may further culminate in Insomnia.

Night shift workers can take their dose 30 minutes before starting work. To make any adjustments in the dosage, one should first consult a physician.


Storage of Modalert pills

  • Store the Nootropic at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and direct light.
  • Do not refrigerate the medication.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.

Modalert Side Effects & Precautions

Modalert is a well-tolerated Nootropic with lower chances of side effects. Studies show that using Modafinil or its brand versions has zero cases of death associated with its administration in the last 20 years.

It is best to follow a physician's advice before taking the Nootropic. However, people who buy Modalert without consulting a doctor should follow these guidelines to achieve the best results.

  • Modalert is an oral medication; therefore, you should take it through the mouth. Take the pill as a whole without crushing or breaking it.
  • Patients should not take more than one pill a day.
  • Long-term usage of Modalert smart drugs can cause addiction and dependency. FDA recommends discontinuing the medication after three weeks of continuous use.
  • It is advisable to have a light meal to prevent slowing down the medication's action.

Modalert side effects listed by FDA

The Modalert side effects are usually mild and not life-threatening. They are temporary and subside with time and proper medical attention. Improper dosing and drug interactions are the key reasons for experiencing these adverse effects-

  • Serious rash that includes Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
  • Cardiovascular disorder
  • Psychiatric Symptoms
  • Hypersensitivity Reactions
  • Affects the ability to drive and use heavy machinery.
  • Persistent sleep

Dose-dependent adverse effects-

Headache and anxiety

Effects from discontinuation of the treatment-

Nausea, anxiety, dizziness, nervousness, insomnia, and chest pain.

Note-This is not the complete list of all the possible side effects of Modalert. The severity and the condition may differ in people depending on numerous factors. It is, therefore, vital to report any discomfort in the body to a physician.

Contradictions of taking Modalert

Certain conditions can heighten the risk of side effects and potentially lower the effectiveness of the Nootropic. Users under the following health conditions should not self-administer Modalert and must consult a physician before ingestion.

  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages with the Nootropic does not fall under the advisory guidelines by the physician. Such interactions augment the chances of the user experiencing dizziness and drowsiness.
  • FDA associates Modalert with the possibility of abortion and intrauterine growth restriction in the fetus. The Nootropic should be taken during pregnancy only if the potential benefits justify the plausible health risk.
  • Older adults and children below 17 should avoid taking the medication.
  • People with a history of cardiac, renal, and hepatic disorders should not buy Modalert online without a prescription.

Interactions between Modalert and other medications

Modalert users should be well-informed of all the possible drug interactions of the Nootropic. It is because it induces and inhibits the action of other medications, thus altering their potency. It also elevates the possibility of side effects.

The medications and supplements one must avoid with Modalert are listed below. However, this is not the complete data of all possible interactions of Modalert.



Drug Interaction


The metabolic rate of the medication may increase when taken with Modafinil and its brand versions. 


The blood levels of the immunosuppressant may reduce. 

Contraceptive pills

The effectiveness of contraceptive medications decreases when taken with Modalert. 


The elimination time of the drug from the body, may prolong when administered with Nootropics. 


When co-administered with Modafinil, can increase the body's elimination process of the antidepressants.

Overview of Modafinil

Modafinil is a wake-promoting stimulant with distinct pharmacological differences from other Nootropics. They are white to off-white crystalline powder, which is insoluble in water.

They are a well-tolerated psychostimulant with low potency for addiction. Modafinil is the active compound present in the formulation of Modalert and is instrumental in enhancing cognitive performance.

Studies show a dominant link between using Modafinil and significant improvement in patients' psychiatric disorders. It is a well-absorbed Nootropic that reaches the peak plasma concentration between 3 to 4 hours following oral ingestion.

Ordering Modafinil Online

Most local pharmacies ask for valid medical prescriptions before retailing their products. In addition, the high Modalert price is a further detriment to their existing archaic ways. An online pharmacy in the present age has overcome these shortcomings by eradicating the need for a prescription. It has also introduced several benefits, such as medication discounts and express shipping options. Some key advantages of choosing an online pharmacy are-

  • Hassle-free shopping experience
  • Buy Modalert in the USA with guaranteed delivery in 7 days.
  • Placing an order from the comfort of your home
  • Discreet services
  • No prescription needed
  • Lets you compare the prices among several online pharmacies
  • Cost efficiency
  • Provides essential product information for beginners.

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Ensure your Modalert pill is genuine

One may doubt the authenticity of the medication bought online. The low Modalert price online makes it more vulnerable to skepticism. We at HealthNaturo maintain a high standard for our prescription drugs and intend to stand out for our product quality. Here are a few identificatory points to ensure your product is genuine when you buy Modalert online.

  • Inspect the list of ingredients of the medication to ensure it is genuine.
  • Check the name of the manufacturer.
  • To ensure your Modalert pill is authentic, one can conduct a Marquis reagent test at home.
  • Visual inspection of the package and seals is essential.


The reputation of Modafinil 200mg through testimonials and scientific studies shows promising results in helping people achieve better brain functioning. It enhances the thinking ability and memory of the person

The prescription use of Modalert smart drug is to improve excessive daytime sleepiness. The off-label benefits include enhancing the working and episodic memory and defeating fatigue in the user. Apart from these benefits, other extensive uses of the Nootropic are-

  • Helps students score better grades.

  • Improves Focus & Energy.

  • Enhancing the productivity of people.

  • Keeps night shift workers active and alert.

Caffeine is a strong cognitive enhancer. A study published in BMJ Medical states that a single dose of Modafinil is as strong as 600mg of caffeine. Thus, consuming drinks high on caffeine with Nootropic can cause a jittery feeling. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the intake of caffeine with Modafinil.

To avoid insomnia, people who have missed their dose must not take the Nootropic later. One can skip the missed dose if it is almost bedtime. Do not compensate for your missed dose by taking an extra Modalert pill.

People cannot buy Modafinil or its brand versions over the counter. It is a scheduled drug and requires a valid medical prescription.

Some of the effective Modalert 200mg alternatives are Modafinil 200mg, Modvigil, Provigil and Modanil.

Yes, people can take the Modafinil dosage every day. The Nootropic dosage depends on the cause and severity of the medical condition. 

The use of Modafinil for depression is an off-label benefit. However, several studies indicate its effectiveness in treating signs of depression in addition to anxiety and stress.

Food does not affect the pharmacodynamics of the Nootropic. Therefore, users can take Modalert before or after the intake of a meal.

The price of Modalert may differ depending on the website and pill package. The cost of Modalert at HealthNaturo is approximately $1.6 per pill. 

Some of the effective Modalert 200mg alternatives are Modafinil 200mg, Modvigil, Provigil and Modanil