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Nucynta Recreational - Will Nucynta Show Up On A Drug Test?

Nucynta Recreational - Will Nucynta Show Up On A Drug Test?


The FDA approves the use of Tapentadol for treating acute and chronic pain. Nucynta recreational use increases the risk of withdrawal and adverse effects and is not advised by medical practitioners. Tapentadol Urine Drug Screening can detect its presence if not administered correctly. 



Generic Tapentadol is available as Nucynta and is prescribed for moderate to severe acute and chronic pain. Its dual mechanism of action aids in reducing opioid-related side effects that can affect their analgesic property. Since the approval of Tapentadol by the FDA, it has been evaluated for its non-medical uses, euphoric benefits, and abuse potential. Although it has a low abuse liability, it is not completely absent. 

A study suggests that the prevalence of Nucynta recreation use is 25% among most pharmaceutical opioid users [1]. So, why do people use Tapentadol for recreational purposes?

This extensive blog provides a detailed insight into Nucynta's recreational use and possible health risks. 


Nucynta Recreational- The Basics 

Tapentadol, commonly called the "orange pill om 100," is classified as a Schedule II drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which indicates that the users are at a higher risk of developing substance use disorder. It is also retailed under the brand name Aspadol, an effective opioid analgesic that works in 30 minutes. 

With the growing availability of online pharmacies, it is now easy and convenient to shop for Aspadol 100 mg tablets without a prescription. However, it is important to follow the right dosage guidelines to prevent misuse and overdosing. 



Synopsis of Nucynta Recreational uses-

  • Buying Tapentadol online without a prescription

  • Taking it longer than prescribed 

  • Administering Tapentadol dosage in conjugation with other medicines or substances to achieve higher effects.

  •  Aiming to attain a euphoric state, more precisely, Nucynta ER high. 

  • “Opioid Doctor Shopping” is a term used to describe a situation where a person tries to obtain a prescription from multiple physicians [2]. 



Numerous data taken from several colleges, addiction treatment centers, and internet monitoring suggest the risk of Nucynta recreational use is lower compared to other Schedule II opioids [2]. 


Tapentadol Abuse Potential 

Tapentadol abuse potentialPrescription opioid abuse is considered to be one of the prevalent public health problems in the United States. It also increases the mortality and morbidity rates associated with substance abuse and addiction. 

Tapentadol is an important therapeutic option for acute and chronic pain; thus, the most significant reason for Nucynta's recreational use is pain relief. 

Tapentadol has been available in the USA as Immediate Release (IR) and Extended Release (ER) since 2008 and 2011, respectively. Post-marketing survey of the online forum discussion, pharmacy, and medical claims database indicates the potency of Tapentadol abuse. 



The summary of the post-marketing clinical studies demonstrating the potency of Nucynta recreational use is listed below [3].

  • A nationwide study on opioid misuse and abuse shows that in the first 24 months of Tapentadol IR availability, the abuse rates were very low. It was comparatively lower than hydrocodone and Oxycodone. 

  • A survey of US college students in 2014 on the non-medical use of Tapentadol IR was reported by 0.7 percent of students. In comparison, the percentage of other opioid abuse was 12 percent. 

  • Another study evaluating and comparing the street price of Tapentadol ER and IR with other schedule II opioids indicates that Tapentadol cost is much cheaper than other opioids. 


All the other surveys and studies after this also suggest the lower potency of Tapentadol abuse. 


What makes Nucynta or opioids addictive?

Determining who is vulnerable to Tapentadol addiction and dependency would be difficult. Anyone who takes Tapentadol is at risk of developing dependency. Factors that are significant in deciding Tapentadol abuse and dependence are-

  • The dose of the opioid analgesic 

  • Personal history 

  • The time of Tapentadol administration.

Other factors influencing Nucynta's recreational use are sharing or illegally obtaining the medicine and the low Tapentadol 100 mg price in the USA

So, what makes opioids such as Tapentadol addictive? 

The intake of opioids activates powerful reward centers of the human brain, thus contributing to their addiction potency. They promote the secretion of endorphins, considered the "feel-good" neurotransmitter of the brain. It creates a temporary yet powerful sense of contentment, pleasure, and well-being. So, when the opioid dose wears off, people wanting the same feeling back begin taking more of the compound. 


Nucynta Recreation Use- How Do People Abuse Tapentadol?

The recommended mode of administration of Tapentadol is orally by mouth. However, most people misusing Tapentadol take it other than the prescribed way. The common ways people abuse Tapentadol are-

  • Taking a higher dose of the analgesic 

  • Mixing Tapentadol with other compounds and medicine

  • Taking Tapentadol 100 mg prescribed to your friend or family

  •  Injecting and snorting Tapentadol is a common way to abuse. Such people often break or crush the tablet and mix it in water to directly inject the substance into the vein. 

Mixing Tapentadol with Alcohol is often done to heighten the sedative effect of the compound. This interaction is not advisable and can result in serious side effects. 


Who Abuses Nucynta? 

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that approximately 62 million people between the ages of 15 and 65 use opioid analgesics, and 36.3 million people suffer from drug abuse in 2019 [4]. 

Tapentadol and most prescription opioids are chemically similar to Heroin, thus producing similar effects. According to a 2011 study, about 80 percent of people taking Heroin switched to opioids [5]. 

People of all ages and genders can abuse Tapentadol. Nucynta ER high is one of the predominant causes of abuse. After intake, Nucynta can cause sedative and euphoric effects, contributing to its non-medical use. 


Tapentadol Recreational Dose 

Most addicts often wonder what is the correct nucynta dosage to get high. The recommended Tapentadol (IR) dose is 100mg three to four times a day. In contrast, Tapentadol ER should be taken twice daily. The maximum dose of Tapentadol IR is 700mg on the first day and 600mg on the subsequent days, although Tapentadol ER is 500mg daily. So, Tapentadol recreational dose is administering anything higher than prescribed.  



Nucynta Metabolite And Their Abuse Potency 

N-desmethyltapentadol and hydroxyl-tapentadol are the two primary Nucynta metabolites. About 70% of the metabolite is excreted via urine with the assistance of the renal system. They do not have any analgesic properties and thus do not contribute to the efficacy of Tapentadol. However, do Nucynta metabolites have abuse potency? 

A case study of acute Tapentadol intoxication leading to death indicates the presence of five different Nucynta metabolites in the bile, urine, cardiac, and femoral blood. Further, toxicological reports suggest severe respiratory depression associated with Nucynta recreational use [6]. Tapentadol Urine Drug Screen can also detect the presence of N-desmethyltapentadol in the system [7]. 

Hydroxyl-tapentadol is formed from phase I hepatic metabolism. It represents 2% of the metabolism. 


Will Nucynta Show Up On A Drug Test? 

Yes, Nucynta can appear on a drug test if performed before the analgesic and its metabolite elimination. The detection of Tapentadol in the system is done through Urine, blood, and hair samples. 

Tapentadol and its metabolites can stay in the urine for 3 to 4 days and about 24 hours in the blood from the last administered dosage. Its presence can be detected in the hair for up to 30 days and the Saliva for 5 to 6 hours after administration [8]. 



Tapentadol Urine Drug Screen Test 

Urine is the most preferred drug testing because it is inexpensive and noninvasive. A quantitative Tapentadol Urine drug screen using Quantitative Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry was performed in 2ml of a urine sample. The report recorded the presence of Nucynta metabolites with their generic form in the urine sample as follows [9].  


Nucynta Metabolites or Generic Tapentadol

Urine concentration 


50 ng/mL

Tapentadol glucuronide

100 ng/mL


100 ng/mL


100 ng/mL


Possibility Of False-Positive Urine Drug Screen Test 

A false-positive report for a drug screening test represents the presence of a substance or medicine that a person did not administer. So, what is the possibility of a false-positive urine drug screen test for Tapentadol? 

The structural similarities of Tapentadol with amphetamine make most people question the possibility of a false-positive test report. 

A study determining the possibility of the therapeutic use of Tapentadol with a false positive urine drug screen exhibits that with a maximum dose of 600mg per day, Tapentadol does not produce a false urine amphetamine screen [10]. 


Tapentadol Withdrawal Causes And Timeline

Nucynta recreational use and abuse are among the most prevalent causes of experiencing Tapentadol withdrawal signs. Before discontinuing their medication, people should consult a doctor who typically recommends the “Tapentadol tapering off” method. It is done by gradually lowering the dosage, which allows the body to adjust to the lower dosages of Nycynta. 

Tapentadol withdrawal signs may appear within a few hours of discontinuing the dosage. Some of the notable Tapentadol withdrawal signs are-

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety 

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea

  • Sweating 

  • Hallucination

  • Breathing issues 

  • Piloerection


Health Risks Associated With Nucynta Recreational Use

Nucynta recreation use can be associated with overdosing, which in severe cases might result in death. People taking their prescribed dosages of Tapentadol are also at risk for misuse, addiction, and dependency. 

The Tapentadol recreational dose administers more than 600mg of Nucynta daily. Being a central nervous system depressant, the health risks of overdosing on Tapentadol include breathing issues and a lower heart rate. It can also result in blurry vision, sweating, drowsiness, muscle weakness, clammy skin, and confusion. 


Tapentadol Recreational Use- Our Final Take 

Nucynta recreational use under no circumstances is advisable. Misuse of the opioid drug is associated with cases of overdosing and addiction. The Tapentadol recreational dose is anything over 600mg per day. It should not be taken with other medications and substances, as such practices can lead to complexities associated with overdosing, even when Tapentadol is administered at a lower dosage. 

Tapentadol is a prescription analgesic associated with severe health risks if ingested incorrectly. It should be taken as prescribed by your physician. One should never take Nucynta dosage to get high. 


Yes, misuse or overdosing on Tapentadol can cause Hallucinations. 

Tapentadol has a mood-altering effect causing euphoria. It is due to its prominent opioid receptor agonist and contributes to abuse potency.

Yes, using Nucynta is associated with causing a calming and euphoric effect, thus giving a sense of Nucynya high.

Yes, Tapentadol can be habit-forming when taken in a higher dosage or taken for a prolonged period.

Administering more than 600mg of Nucynta per day can cause overdose, addiction, and high.

Tapentadol is present in your blood for 24 hours, urine for 2 to 3 days, saliva for a few hours, and for about 30 days in your hair follicle.

Do not discontinue the use of Tapentadol suddenly. Before completely stopping its intake, it is essential first to lower its dosage to allow your body to get adjusted to it.

Tapentadol shows up in the urine test for about 3 to 4 days from the last dosage taken.

Taking Tapentadol less than or about 600mg per day does not cause false positive drug test reports. Tapentadol can cause a false positive for methadone in certain immunoassays if taken in a higher dose.


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